Time’s Up

So I have been parodying the rise of Trump for the last few months and no one who has read these posts would accuse me of being subtle. I use a sledgehammer rather than a sculptor’s chisel on my creations. But comparing the reality to the art (such as it is) isn’t really much of a contrast. Trying to exaggerate the words and deeds of Trump and Clinton and Sanders is a frustrating exercise. Every time I have one of them say something absurd in my joke, in reality he comes back the next day with something even more outrageous.

And just as amazing is the reactions of the world to these bomb shells. The opposition shrieks and the home team declares them gospel. When Trump joked that he could shoot someone in the street and his numbers would still go up, he wasn’t exaggerating by much.

Let’s talk about this.

Why are we where we are?

Because we’re out of time.

The regular people have been waiting for a raise since 1989. And they’ve been waiting for someone to care about their problems. In fact they’re waiting for someone to even notice that they’re in desperate shape. For the last 25 years they’ve been told that they were gonna reap the reward that came with winning the Cold War and making the world safe for capitalism. Instead the Bushes and the Clintons gave their jobs to the Chinese and the Mexicans and put the Cold War peace dividend in the stock market for the rich. And now they have no jobs and their kids have no jobs and they’re being told that they’re no longer needed by the Democrats because they’ve been replaced by immigrants.

So why aren’t they flocking to the Establishment Republican candidates?

Because they only talk about balancing the budget and lowering taxes and reforming entitlements.

What the hell do any of those things mean if you don’t have a job?

So guess who is talking about jobs? Trump and Sanders. The two craziest bastards to ever run for the job of POTUS are the only ones in a field of over twenty who remembered that you can’t have life, liberty or the pursuit of happiness if you don’t have a job. When a ship is sinking a drowning man wants a life preserver not a blueprint for a new sturdier hull design.

So these people aren’t looking to see if Trump or Sanders has checked off all the boxes in the presidential scorecard or if he’s a good husband or if he’s even human. At this point, they’d vote for Godzilla if he were promising to get them jobs.

So whoever is elected better manufacture about twenty million jobs. Because if he doesn’t, the next time these people vote it will be for someone a lot uglier than Trump or Sanders. Or maybe they won’t wait for a vote.

Time’s up.