We Interrupt This MSM Funk to Provide a Message of Fun

It’s Saturday afternoon and I’m heading out soon for a get together with some family.  I have tomorrow to put together a post or two but I think maybe I should do some work for OCF today.  But what?  What does a man do to top my previous output this week?  After all I trashed Isaac Asimov in not one but two posts and then I had Melania Trump complete the agenda of the Trump Administration between her morning nail appointment and cooking dinner for the Donald and Barron.  I mean come on, I might as well just drop the mic and rest like the Lord did after creating the Magellanic Clouds.

But no, the faithful readers deserve something for the weekend and only a lazy creator kicks back every time he gets going.

So, what to discuss?  Logically, I should address the Obamacare repeal fiasco.  It’s been all over the MSM and they’re all swooning over the “impact.”  I should be eloquent about how it was a good thing that we didn’t pass a bill that was just more of the same and how we’ll get it right later, blah, blah, blah.  But honest, I just don’t feel any energy about writing it and it would show.  I’ll let Trump and those clowns in Congress tackle this one themselves.  I want something fun today.  We deserve it.

I want to talk about how the right wing needs to look at the opportunities we have in front of us in the next few years.  From my point of view, what’s important is to build up any alternative structures that can start replacing the compromised ones we have around us now.  Now, obviously, some of these existing structures are practically unavoidable.  If you’re a self-published author then Amazon is practically the only game in town and if you have an internet business I imagine it’s pretty hard to avoid Google in some form.  But even taking that into account, there are plenty of things you can do to help build up the other parts of the community that are out there.  For instance, Vox Day has publicized that Gab has become an alternative for Twitter, Infogalactic is providing an alternative to Wikipedia.  And even if you’re not a fan of the Alt-Right there are plenty of opportunities to help the right.  When you see a business on the right, support it (buy something from it).  If what you get is good, then go back next time you need something and tell friends about it.  It’s easy and it will make it a harder network for the SJW’s to crash.

And it’s time to build positive things.  Always fighting against something is exhausting (except to the warrior class).  It’s good to have something positive to talk about.  Of course, Trump is the elephant in the room.  His win has energized the whole right wing with positive energy that’s almost impossible to exaggerate.  But we need to look around us and celebrate the good things that still exist.  Find some old classic movie to watch with friends.  Buy some good music that doesn’t reference alternative gender sensibilities.  Pass along a book recommendation (either old or new) that has brightened your day.

And for pity’s sake, remember.  It’s spring!  Well not here in the horror that is March in New England.  But in the real world outside this Cthulhu infested hell-hole, flowers are growing birds are singing and kids are playing baseball.  Get out there and have some fun!  Take your best girl out for a ride and lunch and get some damn fresh air!

And don’t worry too much about Washington.  Trump’s got our backs and he’ll do what is necessary to keep those losers in Congress from thinking they’re actually human beings.  Next week those losers in the Senate will be forced to nuke the filibuster and get Gorsuch into the SCOTUS.  After that we’ll see some progress on the immigration and other fronts that renegade judges like to screw with.

So smile.  Life is pretty good.