What Does the Comey Firing Mean?

If you look at the various news aggregation sites, you’ll find any number of articles that explain how Trump’s firing of Comey will either:

  1. Cause the end of democracy in America, or
  2. Trigger Trump’s impeachment and guillotining

So, where does this leave us normal people? Well, as I usually exclaim in my magisterial fashion, “Damned if I know.”  Does Comey and Obama’s people have some kind of deep game that they are trying to play that will hobble or destroy Trump and his administration?  Maybe?  Is Trump counterattacking with the full force of the executive branch’s formidable resources?  Could be?  Or is this just Trump clearing the decks to get his own guys in there to move on to new business?  Sure, why not?

For even a staunch supporter of the “Troller-in-Chief”, such as myself, it sometimes seems like this administration punishes its supporters as much as its enemies. Honestly, on a daily basis I reach the giddy heights of schadenfreude with the release of the latest Hillary rant, followed by a plunge into the stygian depths of terror when a sophomoric presidential tweet erupts onto the media scene.  It’s exhausting.

But I’m in this thing for the long haul and Trump’s is the star that I’ve hitched my wagon to. I’m gonna give him as much slack as I have and let him get it done.  Firing Comey seems like exactly the opposite play from a JEB! or Romney move.  This tells me it’s probably smart (or at least brave).  Some people are saying that Trump’s motive is to get a team into the FBI to start pursuing Hillary and/or the leakers from Obama’s people.  These sound like high risk moves.  And that makes me think high risk/high reward.  It’s entirely possible we have someone with guts in the White House.  Good.

It should be interesting to see how this plays out over the next few days. Right now Schumer is calling for a special prosecutor.  Blumenthal is accusing the administration of treason.  I’m guessing if the democrats weren’t all atheists there would be charges of heresy.  What would be indicative of Trump effectiveness would be if the administration can start getting ahead of the democrats in the news cycle and produce indictments of someone on the other side.  I’d love to see some democrat operative testifying under immunity and naming names.  Can you just imagine the howls of pain if some of the actual villains were unmasked and the sausage making that went on in the White House last year came to light?  Who knows?  Maybe even Saint Barack might appear with his halo slipping down a little if enough prosecutorial pressure was applied to the right Obama flunky.  Admittedly that’s just my dream version of how the post-Obama landscape could play out.  More likely it would just tend to silence the press if they thought that pursuing the leaks would go away if they gave Trump some good press.  So let’s see who’s winning and who’s losing.  We should know soon.