August in the Yard – Closeup Photography – Monarch Caterpillars & Translucent Sprouts

So Camera Girl found two interesting subjects in the yard.  These are all shot with the Sony A7S and the Minolta 200mm F\4 Macro.  This is using the manual focus ring because this is a screw drive AF lens and the adapter only autofocuses motor driven lenses.  But for caterpillars and plants that not such a problem.













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Tom Dulaney
5 years ago

I’m trying to soften my impending purchase of an A7RII by buying some full frame E lenses ahead of time. Though I already have an A mount Minolta 100mm f2.8 that I use on my A6300 via an adaptor, the auto focus takes a very big hit Vs the virtually instantaneous focus of native E lenses. Later today I’ll have a Sony 90mm f2.8 G to play with. I’ve been a macro shooter for a long time and am looking forward to trying it out. Reviews all show it as an incredibly sharp lens. Very nice shots of the caterpillar… Read more »

Tom Dulaney
5 years ago
Reply to  photog

I weep at the thought of replacing the entirety of my A mount lens collection. That would be a bit much. Looks like I’ll have to survive for a while with a 24-70 f2.8 and the 100mm f2.8 that was delivered a little while ago. Unfortunately the Zeiss 16-70 that I bought for my 6300 is for ASP-C sensors. You can rapidly drop $14K on an A7RII and even a short selection of good lenses. It’s obvious that the A7RIII is close, hopefully it will be possible to get a good price on an RII shortly after. I sure wish… Read more »