Interacting in the Brave New World – Part I

Perhaps no other aspect of the dissolution of the United States saddens me as much as knowing that the idea of honest and open relations between most citizens of this country is no longer a possibility.  Even as recently as the 1980s it seemed reasonable to believe that the great majority of Americans agreed on what was right and wrong and how we all should live.  I doubt the idea could even be expressed in a form that a majority of people would agree on.  In an earlier post I stated that we are demonstrably more than one nation occupying one state.  In reality it is even more complex than that.  There is no consensus even on either side of the left/right divide.  We are splintered into a multitude of identity groups, ideologies and political interest groups.  And just because two groups have a common enemy does not necessarily mean they can cooperate.  So, a calculus has to be applied when evaluating what you tell someone on the outside.

Now, I’m making this up as I go along so realize that I am dealing in generalizations and attempting to use simple logic to find some kind of framework for navigating a hazardous world.  Begin with the worst case first.  How do you deal with those that you perceive to be the most ideologically abhorrent and most dangerous to you.  An important example would be someone above you in the hierarchy of the company you work for who openly espouses a social justice viewpoint.  Obviously, you cannot openly express your true views on almost any subject.  It is even unsure whether you can merely refrain from saying anything contradictory of this person’s dogma.  Depending on circumstances, the only realistic way to continue on at the company would be to fain agreement on many of these ideological topics.  This is one of the most horrible realities of the modern leftist corporations.  They have begun mixing in progressive loyalty tests with their corporate culture.  The most blatant is the endless repeating of the “Diversity is our strength,” mantra.  Another is the mainstreaming of the LGBTQ rainbow imagery.  Many of the young people are forced to festoon their cubicles with this newspeak sloganism and agitprop.  I fully expect to eventually see a magnet on a filing cabinet that declares “I Love Big Brother” (or actually, I   ♥  Big Brother!)

If you want to advance in the hierarchy of one of these SJW converged corporations you will assuredly have to burn some incense to Caesar.  And even if you do it will be hard to compete with actual SJWs in the moonbattery department.  You will have to depend on actual talent and initiative and that is a poor substitute for ideological fervor.  Maybe the better idea is finding a company that isn’t run by the insane.  Or even starting a company of your own.

So there’s the worst case, selling your immortal soul for a career.  That was easy!  Next time we’ll talk about how you talk to a prospective wife.