Interacting in the Brave New World – Part 4

For the fourth part of this essay I wanted to talk about talking to young people.  My kids are grown and I realize after the fact that I didn’t know that I needed to protect them from school.  But I do now.  Grammar school, high school and college have become gulags where our children are propagandized and bullied by terrible people.  But how do you help them?  I guess you have to tell them the truth.  That school is a soviet style re-education camp.  And unless you can home school your kids, you are essentially sending them into the belly of the beast.  So, I guess you have to tell them to hide their true beliefs and pretend.  But you have to make sure they don’t become beaten down by the system.

Interestingly, I just started advertising on Captain Capitalism and I was looking at one of his videos advice-cappy-wouldve-given-himself-in high school and discovered that it’s pretty much what you should tell a high school freshman.  Now, some of the emphasis is debatable.  Skipping high school, getting a GED and going direct to college or a trade school is unorthodox but listening to how he describes the waste of time high school is, makes it pretty compelling.  Plus, he provides advice if you do go to high school but want to get a better experience out of it.  And afterward he stresses, very amusingly, the stupidity of getting a liberal arts degree.  I found myself agreeing with almost every idea he presents.  His discussion about how boys can best spend their time to prepare them for finding a girlfriend is sensible.  And his advice for women is equally sane.  I highly recommend viewing this video.  Even if you want to modify the delivery for your own family ethos there are a number of very useful ideas and concepts that will help you talk to young people about thriving in a confusing and hostile world.

So, I’m cheating here.  I just recommend you watch the video and then think of how you relate it to your family and friends.  Thank you, Captain Capitalism.

Interacting in the Brave New World – Part 3

In this third part of the essay I think I’ll consider how to talk to those in the middle.  We all have friends and relatives who act as if they think there aren’t any important issues separating the Left and Right.  In fact, they say they don’t see the sense in resisting the dictates of the Left because the freedom they would gain is nothing as compared to the benefits they lose if they cross the Left.  They get to be part of the intelligentsia and reap the benefits of living on Mt. Olympus.  All they have to do is say two plus two is five or three or whatever it equals today.

Well, I have seen a shift in these people.  Mostly it seems to happen when they have children.  Then they realize exactly what it entails to have to tell your children that two plus two equals five, or rather they have to deal with having their kids come home from school and tell it to them.  But they are still conflicted.  Typically, they challenge you to prove that what they themselves have a hard time believing can be challenged.  But really, they’re almost begging you to show them it’s possible to say no.

So, what you do is tell them what you know about the Left and where we are heading and tell them what you intend to do and how you’ll do it.  But most importantly do not stay silent when someone spouts one of the leftist platitudes.  I tell them what I really think and why I think it.  I don’t get excited or angry.  I say it all in a matter of fact way and I tell them that a lot of people feel exactly the same and that the people pushing this leftist nonsense aren’t our friends.

Of course, you have to know your audience.  You will find that a certain portion of your friends and family actually are hopelessly entangled through work or marriage with the Left.  I recommend bypassing them.  You won’t win and you’ll only cause needless strife.  Instead choose other more promising targets.  You’ll pretty easily tell where those willing to hear the truth are.  They’re probably already halfway there already.  The Trump Presidency and the madness associated with the Resistance have been pretty powerful catalysts for waking people up.

But one thing I will caution you about.  Proselytizing at work is very risky.  I recommend talking to work friends off-site and during a social occasion rather than a work function.  Many corporations are riddled with highly converged individuals that will take offense and possibly cause you trouble if your political leanings become known.

So that’s it.  Pick your targets and give them the straight stuff.  There are plenty of people who are waiting to join our side.  Just do it rationally and confidently.

Interacting in the Brave New World – Part 2

At the end of the first installment of this series I said “Next time we’ll talk about how you talk to a prospective wife.”  Well, I think I’ll leave that one for a later date, mostly because my dating advice is more than forty years out of date.  Instead I think I’ll talk about how to interact with the “right-wing.”  I put that in scare quotes because even mapping that territory is so fraught with contention that I’m liable to set off a turf war just trying to alphabetize the list.  So, I will speak in generalities and I will err on the side of caution.

My handy-dandy guidelines for interacting within the right-wing:

  • Don’t get involved in intra-mural wars. If two right-wing factions are at odds let them settle it themselves.  The last thing anyone needs is you playing marriage counselor to the Alt-Right.
  • Don’t ever discuss family squabbles with the enemy. That includes “neutral” parties who claim to be “conservatives.”  Look at the helpful NeverTrumpers at the National Review and the Weekly Standard.  They’re just full of good advice for us poor rubes in Trump Land.
  • You don’t have to agree with anything that you consider morally wrong just to “fit in.” Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to declare jihad against those who disagree with you.  Just walk away.  Find a camp where you are comfortable.  It’s a very big world.
  • Going along with the last point don’t attack to your right. Even if you disagree with someone you consider too extreme, don’t take it upon yourself to police the right.  Let the lefties fight their own battles.  Don’t do it for them.
  • Whenever it is at all possible, support right wing groups financially, politically, socially and with morale boosting. And especially do it at the expense of the left-wing.  And do it even if it has a penalty in terms of quality, cost or status.  Think of it as part of the war effort.  Eventually it should pay dividends.
  • Be slow to take offense. There are many folks out there who let zeal get the better of their manners.  I try to add an extra dollop of courtesy when corresponding on-line with someone I don’t know well.  Many people have a very excitable writing style when discussing highly inflammatory subject matter, which includes just about everything likely to come up in one of these political discussions.  Tread lightly.  Sometimes it’s best to agree to disagree and even let the other guy get the last word and just walk away.  Winning the internet is a lonely assignment.
  • And finally, have fun. There are a lot of good people out there who are looking for the chance to share their thoughts and experiences in the trenches.  Even some of the lefties can be decent folks.  Just don’t let them borrow any money.  They won’t pay you back.  They’re communists you know.



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Interacting in the Brave New World – Part I

Perhaps no other aspect of the dissolution of the United States saddens me as much as knowing that the idea of honest and open relations between most citizens of this country is no longer a possibility.  Even as recently as the 1980s it seemed reasonable to believe that the great majority of Americans agreed on what was right and wrong and how we all should live.  I doubt the idea could even be expressed in a form that a majority of people would agree on.  In an earlier post I stated that we are demonstrably more than one nation occupying one state.  In reality it is even more complex than that.  There is no consensus even on either side of the left/right divide.  We are splintered into a multitude of identity groups, ideologies and political interest groups.  And just because two groups have a common enemy does not necessarily mean they can cooperate.  So, a calculus has to be applied when evaluating what you tell someone on the outside.

Now, I’m making this up as I go along so realize that I am dealing in generalizations and attempting to use simple logic to find some kind of framework for navigating a hazardous world.  Begin with the worst case first.  How do you deal with those that you perceive to be the most ideologically abhorrent and most dangerous to you.  An important example would be someone above you in the hierarchy of the company you work for who openly espouses a social justice viewpoint.  Obviously, you cannot openly express your true views on almost any subject.  It is even unsure whether you can merely refrain from saying anything contradictory of this person’s dogma.  Depending on circumstances, the only realistic way to continue on at the company would be to fain agreement on many of these ideological topics.  This is one of the most horrible realities of the modern leftist corporations.  They have begun mixing in progressive loyalty tests with their corporate culture.  The most blatant is the endless repeating of the “Diversity is our strength,” mantra.  Another is the mainstreaming of the LGBTQ rainbow imagery.  Many of the young people are forced to festoon their cubicles with this newspeak sloganism and agitprop.  I fully expect to eventually see a magnet on a filing cabinet that declares “I Love Big Brother” (or actually, I   ♥  Big Brother!)

If you want to advance in the hierarchy of one of these SJW converged corporations you will assuredly have to burn some incense to Caesar.  And even if you do it will be hard to compete with actual SJWs in the moonbattery department.  You will have to depend on actual talent and initiative and that is a poor substitute for ideological fervor.  Maybe the better idea is finding a company that isn’t run by the insane.  Or even starting a company of your own.

So there’s the worst case, selling your immortal soul for a career.  That was easy!  Next time we’ll talk about how you talk to a prospective wife.