Captain Capitalism Has a Short Post on Unreliable Reviews

Here’s the link:

The attached Youtube clip has a rant about a She-Ra cartoon that is quite heated.  But the point is well taken.  Critics ratings that are completely opposite to the viewers ratings will be associated with a left-wing ideological point being made, not an artistic or entertainment viewpoint.

Maybe it goes without saying that the Oscars or Rotten Tomatoes Critics’ Reviews are biased for left wing clap-trap and against anything conservative.  But I mention it to remind the readers here of the breathtaking honesty and marvelously refined taste exhibited by the critics you read here at OCF.  How do they do it?

Article on Captain Capitalism – Breaking Into the Tech Industry – A Beginners Guide

I categorize this as Directory of Right-Wing Business stuff.  Captain Capitalism is providing this for folks on our side who want to get into business without necessarily going the academic route and wasting time and dealing with the SJW establishment.  Running my own website, I am interested in this info myself.

I’ve just watched the first video.  The basics are clearly laid out.  Might be interesting to someone considering a programming career.

19APR2018 – Captain Capitalism Has an Interesting Article –  You Can Return to 1950s America Anytime

As many of you are aware, I’ve got an ad on Captain Capitalism’s web site.  But an added benefit is I’m visiting his site and finding some very entertaining stuff.  This article on living the 1950s lifestyle is very timely for young people trying to escape from Obamerica.  And it gave me some things to think about too.  I have a plan to escape from New England (where even now at the cusp of May it’s still snowing)  and relocate to the southwest someday.   Trying to find a non-leftist political environment is right at the top of my needs list for any relocation search algorithm.

Interacting in the Brave New World – Part 4

For the fourth part of this essay I wanted to talk about talking to young people.  My kids are grown and I realize after the fact that I didn’t know that I needed to protect them from school.  But I do now.  Grammar school, high school and college have become gulags where our children are propagandized and bullied by terrible people.  But how do you help them?  I guess you have to tell them the truth.  That school is a soviet style re-education camp.  And unless you can home school your kids, you are essentially sending them into the belly of the beast.  So, I guess you have to tell them to hide their true beliefs and pretend.  But you have to make sure they don’t become beaten down by the system.

Interestingly, I just started advertising on Captain Capitalism and I was looking at one of his videos advice-cappy-wouldve-given-himself-in high school and discovered that it’s pretty much what you should tell a high school freshman.  Now, some of the emphasis is debatable.  Skipping high school, getting a GED and going direct to college or a trade school is unorthodox but listening to how he describes the waste of time high school is, makes it pretty compelling.  Plus, he provides advice if you do go to high school but want to get a better experience out of it.  And afterward he stresses, very amusingly, the stupidity of getting a liberal arts degree.  I found myself agreeing with almost every idea he presents.  His discussion about how boys can best spend their time to prepare them for finding a girlfriend is sensible.  And his advice for women is equally sane.  I highly recommend viewing this video.  Even if you want to modify the delivery for your own family ethos there are a number of very useful ideas and concepts that will help you talk to young people about thriving in a confusing and hostile world.

So, I’m cheating here.  I just recommend you watch the video and then think of how you relate it to your family and friends.  Thank you, Captain Capitalism.

11APR2018 – OCF Update

Welcome to the new readers from Captain Capitalism and other pages.

I put up a pretty random mix of stuff.  I link and comment on some of the opinion sites when I see something interesting or well written.  I review mostly science fiction books and movies but often add in other stuff I like.  Lately I’ve been putting up quotes and short sections of fiction that I think are interesting.  I have a bunch of photos from Zion and the Grand Canyon that I’ll post over the next few weeks in the photo section.  And I like to do satirical Trump fiction (very goofy stuff).  I like to think of the President as a cartoon character.  And it’s actually a friendly gesture.  I honestly think he is the last hope this country has.

I let folks have their say on the comments and the forums.  But try to keep it reasonable.  I’m right of center but I don’t need an echo chamber so feel free to speak your mind.  I am beginning a list of right-wing friendly businesses and organizations.  If you know of one and want to add it and give it a good word, go ahead and add it to the forum page.




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