11APR2018 – OCF Update

Welcome to the new readers from Captain Capitalism and other pages.

I put up a pretty random mix of stuff.  I link and comment on some of the opinion sites when I see something interesting or well written.  I review mostly science fiction books and movies but often add in other stuff I like.  Lately I’ve been putting up quotes and short sections of fiction that I think are interesting.  I have a bunch of photos from Zion and the Grand Canyon that I’ll post over the next few weeks in the photo section.  And I like to do satirical Trump fiction (very goofy stuff).  I like to think of the President as a cartoon character.  And it’s actually a friendly gesture.  I honestly think he is the last hope this country has.

I let folks have their say on the comments and the forums.  But try to keep it reasonable.  I’m right of center but I don’t need an echo chamber so feel free to speak your mind.  I am beginning a list of right-wing friendly businesses and organizations.  If you know of one and want to add it and give it a good word, go ahead and add it to the forum page.




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