Interacting in the Brave New World – Part 3

In this third part of the essay I think I’ll consider how to talk to those in the middle.  We all have friends and relatives who act as if they think there aren’t any important issues separating the Left and Right.  In fact, they say they don’t see the sense in resisting the dictates of the Left because the freedom they would gain is nothing as compared to the benefits they lose if they cross the Left.  They get to be part of the intelligentsia and reap the benefits of living on Mt. Olympus.  All they have to do is say two plus two is five or three or whatever it equals today.

Well, I have seen a shift in these people.  Mostly it seems to happen when they have children.  Then they realize exactly what it entails to have to tell your children that two plus two equals five, or rather they have to deal with having their kids come home from school and tell it to them.  But they are still conflicted.  Typically, they challenge you to prove that what they themselves have a hard time believing can be challenged.  But really, they’re almost begging you to show them it’s possible to say no.

So, what you do is tell them what you know about the Left and where we are heading and tell them what you intend to do and how you’ll do it.  But most importantly do not stay silent when someone spouts one of the leftist platitudes.  I tell them what I really think and why I think it.  I don’t get excited or angry.  I say it all in a matter of fact way and I tell them that a lot of people feel exactly the same and that the people pushing this leftist nonsense aren’t our friends.

Of course, you have to know your audience.  You will find that a certain portion of your friends and family actually are hopelessly entangled through work or marriage with the Left.  I recommend bypassing them.  You won’t win and you’ll only cause needless strife.  Instead choose other more promising targets.  You’ll pretty easily tell where those willing to hear the truth are.  They’re probably already halfway there already.  The Trump Presidency and the madness associated with the Resistance have been pretty powerful catalysts for waking people up.

But one thing I will caution you about.  Proselytizing at work is very risky.  I recommend talking to work friends off-site and during a social occasion rather than a work function.  Many corporations are riddled with highly converged individuals that will take offense and possibly cause you trouble if your political leanings become known.

So that’s it.  Pick your targets and give them the straight stuff.  There are plenty of people who are waiting to join our side.  Just do it rationally and confidently.