Sony A7III – The Eagle Has Landed

Camera Girl signed for the camera today.  Tonight, I’ll set it up and see what I have to do to get a Capture 1 upgrade for that camera.  I think I’ll take some pictures of my grandson playing soccer tomorrow morning, to test out the autofocus.  If I can’t get the Capture 1 update I’ll have to go with jpegs.  Hopefully by the end of the weekend I’ll know if this camera is the end of a long road of Sony waiting.

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3 years ago

My wife recentlt dropped and destroyed her NX series Samsung and has since since appropriated my “carry around” A6300 as her very own. “Okay” sez I, taking delivery of a A7III replacement, by coincidence, yesterday. I’ve only a few shots so far, just trying various lenses. I usually end up taking most of my pictures with my “carry around” because it’s always with me, mostly in the console of my car. The carry around function imposes restrictions on a camera and lens, principally size. The now appropriated 6300 with it’s main lens, a Zeiss 16-70, flat nailed that part. When… Read more »