10JUL2018 – OCF Update

So, I got a surprise YouTube plug by Captain Capitalism where I advertise.  Thanks Aaron.  I figured it out when the site traffic spiked to stratospheric levels.  Aaron is a fan of the Southwest landscape photography so I reposted a Zion photo collection to go along with the every other day Grand Canyon Photos of the Day.  Hello Captain Capitalism readers and viewers.

I’ve been guiltily spending too much time reading the Leftists hyperventilate over Kennedy’s retirement  and the subsequent mouth-frothing over Kavanaugh.  I’ll have to light a candle at the shrine of Saint Schadenfreude, the Patron Saint of Spiteful Bastards.

But now back to work.  I’m about half way through the fourth volume of the Galaxy’s Edge series.  It took me a little while to make up my mind about this series but I’m convinced now.  The combat scenes, and those comprise a good chunk of the books, are first rate.  The question is where this story is heading.  The Galaxy has been cracking up for the whole length of the series so something’s gotta give soon.

My next foray into Trump humor, I think, will have a literary or historical flavor, perhaps touching on a Roman or Athenian theme.  I always imagine President Trump as akin to the Steinbrenner character on Seinfeld.  Some might think this disrespectful but I feel a kind of ownership over the man as if he were some kind of comic book character that I can summon up to amuse me while also befuddling my enemies in real life.  It’s an odd paradox I have built up around him but I have nothing but affection for the man who basically saved us single-handedly from slavery under the Clinton Crime Family.

Listening to ZMan’s guest spot on that podcast a few days ago has gotten me thinking about what I actually believe is the correct way to think and act in the increasingly hostile world that we live in.  He made some very good points about what is important and what is a waste of time and I want to try to sort through the options and come up with a rational approach to interacting with friends, enemies and neutral parties.  I don’t know if that’s one post or a few but I’m getting started on it.

And finally, I have some more macro photos of bugs and flowers and stuff and more shots from the Grand Canyon.  Tonight, I caught a Polyphemus moth and I want to take some photos of it before letting it go.  Maybe I’ll get lucky and it’ll lay some eggs.  The caterpillars are really cool looking.

So stay tuned.