The Wind is Shifting

Some pundits like to draw their examples from history.  They’ll point to Athens or Rome or England to lend support for some point being made.  Some draw from classic literature or drama, Homer or Shakespeare.  I’m a science fiction and fantasy geek.  So, even though I’ll quote Xenophon or Thucydides, Odysseus or Macbeth, I often find myself drawn to a scene by Tolkien.

In the Lord of the Rings there is a chapter called The Ride of the Rohirrim where King Theoden has asked for the help of the Wild Men of Druadan Forest to bypass an army of orcs and thereby reach Minas Tirith before the city falls.  Ghan-buri-Ghan, the chieftain of these stone-age primitives agrees to aid him.  As the tribesman prepares to leave them he sniffs the air like some wild creature and with a startled expression says “Wind is changing!” and bolts away.  This sentiment is repeated several more times by individuals from all sides of the battle ahead.  And the change in the wind is both a sign and also an actor in the drama.  Literally the direction of the wind changes the environment for the characters in the story from darkness and fear to light and courage.  It not only lets them see what they need to know but it gives them the courage to attempt it.

Now, far be it from me to compare Donald Trump to Gandalf the White or Mitch McConnell to King Theoden.  Although, I could be convinced that Bush Senior is a stand-in for Denethor.

But without a doubt I will say the wind is most definitely changing.  Here are my proofs:

  1. Those most notorious of weather vanes, the Republican Congress, are pointing in Trump’s direction. Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham and the rest of the gutless, spineless hollow men in the Senate got up on their hind legs and gave an almost convincing impression of adult male Americans, in other words men.  Astonishing.
  2. A Republican appointee for the Supreme Court was allowed to defend himself against outrageous charges from shrieking harpies instead of being withdrawn post haste by a cowering Republican establishment.
  3. The #metoo media-political complex fired every single round they had in their guns at Justice Kavanaugh, the President and the Senate during this pitched battle and when the smoke cleared Kavanaugh was installed in the Supreme Court, Susan Collins called them out, Democrat Senator Joe Manchin signed onto the approval and President Trump’s approval rating broke 50% for the first time in many months.
  4. Just about every NeverTrumper who hadn’t already sold his soul to George Soros admitted that he was glad Donald Trump was president right now.
  5. And finally, even the most timid centrists are finally starting to understand that losing less quickly is not necessarily the best case scenario they can hope for.

Some of these signs are actually lagging indicators.  I think some of the NeverTrumpers are coming around because they lost most of their readers.  Their conversion is one of convenience due to how much the facts on the ground have already shifted against them.  The Congress has taken two years to decide which way the wind is blowing, the invertebrates.  But without a doubt, things are definitely building on existing momentum.

I expect setbacks, unexpected losses will occur and unreliable allies will bolt from time to time.  But I predict that this momentum is peaking at just the right time to sway the electorate for us.  And that will further depress the Left and its allies in the Press and Hollywood.  So this is the time for the Right to strike while the iron is hot.  If we manage to gain a few seats in the House it’s time to start building the wall and fixing the illegal immigration situation.  It’s time to start cleaning out the Justice Department and the other Executive Branch departments.  And it’s time for the Republicans to coordinate at the state and federal level to advance cases to the Supreme Court to challenge many of the unconstitutional precedents that need to be reversed.

I hate to sound so cheerful.  But honestly, things are going very well.  A lot of my friends are very fearful about a #metoo backlash and Mueller and blah, blah, blah.  Meh.  I say things are looking up.  The wind is shifting and that is the time to press ahead.

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3 years ago

I share your optimism, OCF, albeit with due prudence and caution. Yes, we must remain ever-vigilant, but it’s good to celebrate a hard-fought win. It’s been a great weekend: my beloved Gamecocks won, unemployment is the lowest it’s been since 1969, and Brett Kavanaugh was CONFIRMED TO SCOTUS! Woo-hoo!