24JAN2019 – Thoughts on Covington

The biggest story this week was the story and then the story about the story of the Covington students.  I waited a few days to let most of the big names have their say.  Now that they have, I figured I’d say my piece about it and make any overarching observations about what the event says about where we are.

Based on the information available, it looks like the Leftists coordinated to attack soft targets on their turf in D.C.  They taunted the kids but didn’t get any violence that way so they sent the Indian to manufacture outrage based on the optics they created by having him stand in front of the kids and yell in that poor kid’s face.  So they put this together and alerted their ally in the Media and of course all the other outlets piled on and then the squishy right virtue-signaled their horror at the make believe MAGA hat madness.

So far, this follows the same pattern as the past show pieces.  They get in front of the truth surfacing and then walk away once the truth does break through and move onto the next outrage.  But something went wrong.  The real video clip surfaced too quickly and everyone could see that it was a con-job.  Even the Left had to grudgingly admit it was a fake.  And the squishy right were exposed for the cowards they really are.

Worse still, the kids have a lawyer who is threatening to sue some of these people for libel and other things like incitement and threats.  Now, it’s possible this doesn’t move forward and every one backs away from this.  But maybe it does.  And it may even start dawning on the networks that there are repercussions when you take character assassination as standard operating procedure.  Peter Thiel showed that you can fight back against these people if you have money and some smart lawyers.  Maybe it wouldn’t take too much effort to get some hungry lawyers excited about monetizing the abusive behavior of the Main Stream Media.  After all, CNN and MSNBC have plenty of cash (or at least their parent corporations have) that could be turned into legal awards and the concomitant legal fees that these lawyers prize so highly.  What would stop these smart young lawyers from representing individuals slandered by these media outlets and either forcing them to settle cases out of court or bringing them to court to defend their behavior?  Seems like a winning strategy to me.  And I’m sure the Justice Department, if headed up by non-leftists could lend their prestige to a class action suit if it looked like some kind of collusion occurred between the Media and the characters inciting them.  After all Fake news has become a rallying cry and RICO legislation is loose enough to cover conspiracy in most industries to commit crime.

Will it happen?  Who knows.  Should it?  I think definitely.  The time seems right to start pushing back and changing the way the Media abuses private individuals.  Hopefully this is the beginning of something positive.

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4 years ago

It’s just another, in a long line, of media driven drive-by’s all aimed at anyone who dares to stand on any kind of principled values. Could there be any better example of the kind of kids we want to raise then these Catholic kids traveling to DC to stand up for the most innocent, the unborn? And to have them accosted by these leftists only to have the main stream media once again rush to judgment and smear them on the national news. It is disgraceful and I hope for once that they do get sued for libel. It’s time… Read more »

Tyler, The Portly Politico

Great analysis, photog. I think the media supplied the desired narrative after the events unfolded, but I can’t help but imagine that the old Indian man knew there was a chance he’d be able to claim some grievance after the fact–he was clearly trying to goad the kids. The Black Hebrew Israelites–a truly wicked group–knew they could shout obscenities and slurs at the boys with impunity, given the talismanic immunity of their skin. I wrote a piece on the Covington situation earlier this week, but I focused more on the hand-wringing response from our supposed allies on the Right: https://theportlypolitico.wordpress.com/2019/01/22/self-righteous-virtue-signalling-lives-on/… Read more »