26JAN2019 – OCF Update

Just a few notes on what I see as the interesting topics coming up.

  1. Shutdown – Caved or Maneuvering?  We’ll see soon whether this is over or just beginning.  A two week funding is very little time.  This will “evolve” in the next couple of weeks.
  2. Barr’s approval – Judicial committee meeting on Tuesday.  Figure two weeks to get him approved.
  3. Sony e-mount lens review – Over the last few years options for the FE cameras have been proliferating.  I did some posts:https://orionscoldfire.com/index.php/2018/02/08/what-am-i-missing-in-the-sony-e-mount-lens-line-up/

    Lenses for Sony – Part 2 – Wide Angle Lenses for Full Frame Cameras

    Lenses for Sony – Part 1 – Introduction

    Well, it’s time to not only re-evaluate what I should do with my lens situation but I think it’s time for a thorough series of rating the options for the different kinds of photography (e.g., landscape, wildlife, portrait, event, sports, macro).  That’s going to be a multi-post series and will require quite a bit of research so I’ll break it down into small bites in my own inestimable fashion.  There are a lot of good resources for lens reviews (including LensRentals blog entries by owner Roger Cicala who does thorough evaluations and ratings including MTF measurements).  Should be highly useful for me and maybe some of our other readers.

  4. I’ll keep plowing through the Twilight Zone series.  It’s actually proven to be more fun than I thought it would, both because some of the bad ones are fun to mock and because there are actually more good ones than I remembered.

Stay tuned.