The Twilight Zone – Complete Series Review – Season 1 Episode 27 – The Big Tall Wish

This is the story of a Bolie Jackson a broken-down boxer who lives in an apartment building where a little kid named Henry befriends him and tells Bolie that he will make a “big tall wish” that Bolie wins his fight that night.  Henry’s mother tells Bolie that the last time Henry made a big tall wish it came true.

Bolie hurts his hand before the fight and he is being pummeled in the ring.  Henry sees this on tv and wishes for Bolie to win.  We see Bolie hit the canvas and is ten counted out but when the referee holds up the winner’s hand it’s Bolie standing and his opponent on the canvas.  Bolie is confused because he remembers himself being knocked down but somehow, he won.  Everyone saw him win and no one saw him knocked down and now even his hand isn’t injured anymore.

When he gets home, Henry tries to tell Bolie that he won through the big tall wish.  But Bolie explodes in exasperation telling Henry that there is no such thing as magic.  But Henry begs Bolie to believe in magic.  Suddenly the scene returns to the boxing ring and this time Bolie ends up knocked out.  The ending voice over by Serling says something about magic, something, something.

This was certainly a swing and a miss.  The acting wasn’t bad but the story was too thin and the whole thing was a sort of jumbled mish mash.  I’ll just say D+.

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War Pig
War Pig
2 years ago

But it was a mostly Black cast as I remember. Daring for the times.