10FEB2019 – OCF Update

Looking ahead to next week, I assume the big news will be the Senate vote on Barr.  I read that the vote should be done this week.  The media will probably throw a fit about it and I wouldn’t be surprised if Mueller unleashes some new nonsense or even his final report.
The last volume of the Galaxy’s Edge “Retribution” will arrive this week.  Actually I got a copy last Friday but the first eight pages were missing so I sent it back.  It’s the final volume but now they’re calling it the end of Season One.  Good Lord, how many seasons will there be?  Well, I’ve been enjoying the series immensely and I’m sure that will continue for a long way still.
I was threatening to put out my recommendations on Sony E-mount lens choices.  I’m still working on that.  I’ll be putting out some winter landscape and macro photos of the day starting this week.  And in the distant future I’m planning on some astrophotography.  I’m looking into what kind of star tracking drive I should get.  I saw an amateur photographer’s site who had a multiple exposure overlay of the Andromeda Galaxy that was a thing of beauty.  I’m very jealous.
Of course I have the Twilight Zone episodes to review.  And I have some old country (or folk) music reviews and other dribs and drabs coming up.
And finally, soon I assume there will be some more substantive stuff coming out of Washington.  The Wall and the Swamp.
Stay tuned.