The Twilight Zone – Complete Series Review – Season 1 Episode 29 – Nightmare as a Child

Helen Foley is a grade school teacher who returns home from school anxious and confused.  She saw a man in a car who brought up troubling memories from her past.  When she gets to her apartment door there is a little girl sitting on the staircase with a very solemn expression on her face and apparently wants to talk to Helen.  She invites the girl in and learns the girl’s name is Markie.  Markie seems to know a great deal about Helen and she reminds Helen of things in her past that had been forgotten after some tragedy in the past.

Later that day a man named Peter Seldon arrives and Markie beats a hasty retreat before he enters the apartment.   Seldon questions Helen about her past.  She seems to remember him and he fills in her memory by telling her that he had worked for her mother long ago.  When Helen seems to hear Markie singing outside and Seldon doesn’t she describes Markie to him.  He informs her that when she was a little girl she was called Markie.  He shows her a picture of herself as a little girl that he has kept all these years.  The picture looks exactly like the girl Markie that Helen had met that day.

When Seldon leaves, Markie returns and reveals that she is indeed Helen as a girl.  She now forces Helen to remember that Seldon was the man who murdered her mother all those years ago.  Just then Seldon returns and attempts to kill Helen but she resists and he accidentally falls down the stairs to his death.  And Helen lives happily ever after.

Well, not too bad, but definitely not top notch.  C+