The Twilight Zone – Complete Series Review – Season 1 Episode 36 – A World of His Own

Gregory West is a playwright.  His wife Victoria suspects her husband of engaging in a love affair with a mysterious blonde.  When we first see Gregory, he is sitting in his study sharing a drink and a tender moment with Mary, the blonde Victoria is searching for.  But outside the bay window of the room we see a dark-haired woman staring in.  This is Victoria.  She enters the house and calls into the study telling Gregory to let her in.  When he does let her in, she searches for Mary and even checks the walls for hidden doors.  When she finally tells that she saw him with a woman he explains what is going on.

Gregory relates that for a playwright sometimes a character can have a will of his own and in fact one day a character he was writing showed up at the house and disputed with him over his actions.  Then he explained that one day he thought up the character of Mary to give him a low-key companion who wasn’t as intimidating as his “perfect” wife Victoria.  He recorded a description on his dictation tape recorder and she appeared.  And when he needed her to disappear, he cut the piece of tape on his recorder that contained her description and threw it in the fireplace and when it burned Mary would disappear.

Victoria didn’t believe a word of this and told Gregory that he was lying.  So, Gregory demonstrated.  He described her and narrated her reaching the house and walking into the house and into the study.  And there she was, the woman that Victoria had seen through the window.  But Victoria didn’t believe it.  She thought it was a set-up.  So, Gregory snipped the tape and threw it into the fireplace and Mary disappeared in front of Victoria.

Now Victoria decides that she will have Gregory locked up in an insane asylum and tells him so.  Gregory believes her and tells her that she herself is also a product of his imagination and shows her a piece of tape in an envelope with her name on it in a safe in the room.  She scoffs at him and throws the piece of tape in the fire.  And Victoria disappears.

Sighing, Gregory starts up his tape recorder and starts describing Victoria, then stops, rewinds the recorder and instead conjures up Mary.  Only this time he calls her Mary West, his wife.  She appears and their mutual love and happiness is visible.

Now Rod Serling is in the room and he’s disparaging the reality of such an impossible story and Gregory takes offense and takes out an envelope with Rod Serling’s name on it and throws it into the fire.  Rod shrugs, smiles and disappears.  And we are left with Gregory and Mary happily ever after in the Twilight Zone.

As you know I like the fun episodes.  This is a fun episode.  Even the usually dour Serling shows some humor.  And of course, I always like when an insufferable woman gets her comeuppance.  B.