The Twilight Zone – Complete Series Review – Season 2 Episode 8 – The Lateness of the Hour

Jana Loren lives with her parents in a large house filled with servants who cater to their every need.  Jana complains to her parents that they have retreated into this isolated life where they are completely dependent on their servants.  The back story comes out that Dr. Loren built his servants.  They’re robots.

Jana’s parents explain that far from being a prison their life is a refuge from the drudgery and danger of the outside world.  Jana flies into a rage and pushes one of the maids down the stairs.  The maid gets up, and smiling, gets back to her duties.  Now Dr. Loren tells his daughter that that she’s being irrational.  But she remains adamant that she won’t live this way anymore.  Dr. Loren assembles all of the staff and tells them to head into the basement for shut down.  The parents reconcile themselves to losing the creature comforts and Jana starts thinking about the future.  She imagines dinner parties, boyfriends and even grandchildren for her parents.

This causes her parents to panic and start to warn her that children might not be an option.  While looking through a photo album she realizes that there are no pictures of her as a child.  And now they admit that she is a robot the Doctor built to be their daughter.  Jana collapses in despair.

In the final scene we see a maid giving Mrs. Loren a shoulder massage and when the shot is opened out, we see that the maid is Jana.

As everyone who has read my reviews knows I will not tolerate mannequins or robots who think they’re humans.  And this wasn’t some exception where great acting or dialog saves it.  This isn’t good.  This is a D.

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War Pig
War Pig
2 years ago

Kinda have to agree. A good example of robots would be “I Sing The Body Electric”. This one? Not so much. If you want interesting robot stories let Asimov or Bradbury write them for you.