The Twilight Zone – Complete Series Review – Season 2 Episode 15 – The Invaders

The story takes place in a rustic farmhouse, with only candles and lamps for light, out in the middle of nowhere.  An older woman (played by Agnes Moorehead) is cooking her dinner in the kitchen.  Suddenly a high-pitched whine hurts her ears and then there is a crash on the roof of her house and she falls to the floor.  When she climbs up a ladder and opens a door onto the roof, she sees a miniature flying saucer about five feet in diameter has landed on the building.  As she watches a little man in a space suit about eight inches tall walks out of the ship.  She knocks him into the opening and he falls down the hole.  Another comes out of the ship and fires a tiny ray gun at her so she bowls him over with a lamp she throws at him and he falls off the roof.

The woman climbs back down the ladder and starts searching the house for the little invaders.  She meets up with them a number of times and they manage to hurt her enough with their ray guns to raise a series of blisters on her skin.  One of them even steals a kitchen knife and cuts her on the hand and calf at various points in the story.  Finally, at a certain point she traps one of them in her bed blanket and after tugging the knife out of his grasp she beats the blanket with the space man in it against a table until we assume, he is dead.  Then she puts the space man into a box and throws it into the fire place to burn.

The woman then up the ladder to the roof and taking a small hatchet she chops the space ship into wreckage.  While she is doing this, we hear a voice apparently calling over a radio to his base reporting that they have landed on a planet of giants and that his crew mate has been killed and that he himself is dying.  He warns that no retaliation or further landings should be attempted because the giants are just too powerful.

As the woman walks away, we get a closeup of the ruined ship and written on the side is US Air Force, Space Probe No. 1.  The tiny men were us!  Dun dun dunnnnnn!

When I was a little kid, I thought this was great.  Then when I grew up, I thought it was really cheap.  Now, I’m somewhere in the middle.  Agnes Moorehead is an annoying mute and pretty homely to boot.  She only screeches, whines, cries and moans a little.  Are the giants mute?  Who the hell knows?  The fact that the space men were running around like high speed mice whenever they were off camera but stood like statues whenever you could see them was very cheesy.  How they wielded a knife that was bigger than they were and almost weighed as much is beyond comprehension.  And how the two of them weren’t killed when they were dropped from what to them would have been a hundred feet on Earth is laughable.  And finally, once again they managed to recycle a prop from Forbidden Planet (the miniature flying saucer).

Alright, I’ll split the difference B-.

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War Pig
War Pig
2 years ago

Gravity was lower, which allowed for the birth of giants which would surely collapse under their own weight otherwise. She would be larger than Godzilla on earth. It also explains how the spacemen could fall without major injury and wield a large knife.

One of my favorite episodes as a lad. I enjoy Agnes Moorehead. I loved her in the star-studded “The Story of Mankind”, “The Bat”, and her various appearances in “Night Gallery”.