The Twilight Zone – Complete Series Review – Season 2 Episode 17 – Twenty Two


A woman in a hospital bed is awakened at night by a very loud clock ticking.  She reaches for a glass of water and drops it on the floor where it shatters.  She hears footsteps in the hallway and gets up and follows it in time to see a nurse enter the elevator and head for the bottom floor.  The woman waits for the elevator, takes it down to the bottom floor, follows the hallway to the end and in front of Room 22 which is the morgue, she sees the nurse open the door and say to her, “Room for one more honey.”  She screams and runs away.

The next morning the woman who is a stripper named Liz Powell is visited by her doctor who tells her that she is imagining that a dream is reality.  She tells him that she’s had this alleged dream several nights running and every time it happens exactly the same way.  He tells her that it’s a symptom of her nervous exhaustion and can’t possibly be real because the night nurse looks nothing like the description that Liz gave.  He tells her tonight to change what she does to force the dream out of its pattern.

That night she tries to change things by not reaching for the glass but she ends up knocking it over accidentally anyway.  The dream finishes out as expected.  The next day she leaves the hospital and goes to the airport to catch a flight.  She has the same strange feeling she did during her dreams.  Then she drops a glass figurine that shatters like the glass.  Finally she heads for Gate 22 and at the top of the stairs is the nurse dressed as a stewardess who says “Room for one more honey.  Liz screams and runs down the stairs back to the airport.  Watching from the window she sees the airplane take off and burst into flames.

What the hell?

Okay, Barbara Nichols, who plays Liz is a voluptuous babe (although a little the worse for wear and tear).  But I’ve gotta say this was a hot mess.  It’s the story of a prophetic dream but I don’t know how to describe this as a good episode.  Let’s be generous and give it a C.

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War Pig
War Pig
3 years ago

Serling didn’t develop this one very well. That’s the problem with a less-than-30-minute format. Still I think he could have done a better job setting it up. Babs was a great comic actor when she had a decent role. I actually saw her and George Gobel out together in LA in the early sixties. Something to do with promoting a TV show I believe, probably near Grauman’s Chinese Theater. She was dressed to show her charms, that was for sure. Pity she died so young.