Mafia Rubouts Aren’t Showing Proper Respect

Back when I was a kid in Brooklyn the Mafia was a much more pervasive phenomenon.  But since the FBI put John Gotti away it seems NY Mafia activity has been in a coma.  But now news arrives that the head of the moribund Gambino crime family has been rubbed out in front of his Staten Island home.  He was run over and shot six or seven times.  But, at least in the NYC papers the most important aspect of the rubout was the disrespect shown by doing it in front of his house where his family had to see it.

We have fallen on hard times indeed.  Apparently, a crime boss’s home is no longer a safe space.  Perhaps the Left can work on that.  After all hurt feelings are real.

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Tom Dulaney
3 years ago

Things change. These days, America’s needs for organized criminal activity is supplied by the Dimocrat Party.

Tom Dulaney
3 years ago

Perfectly understandable. If you weren’t contesting or interfering with the old Mafia in some way, they had no interest in you. The modern DIMs, however, want domination over EVERYTHING, you especially included.