On-Line Article Review – Conrad Black – What the Mueller Probe Really Means


Conrad Black has been one of the President’s staunchest supporter.  Now he explains why the AG’s investigation of the investigators or more accurately the conspirators responsible for this outrageous witch hunt is sure to be very interesting.

The subtitle for the article is “The real fireworks will only begin now as Trump seeks to investigate the investigators.

Here’s a taste of what he says is in store for the Anti-Trump conspirators:

“The country is unlikely to have much patience with any more investigations of Trump. But it will be startled by the findings of the inspector general of the Justice Department, Mr. Michael E. Horowitz’s next report, and possibly by the mysterious special counsel John Huber (of Salt Lake City) looking into the Uranium and related activities of the Clinton Foundation for the last eighteen months, and by Attorney General William Barr and the Senate Judiciary Committee’s inquiries into how this destructive smear job was launched against the president in the first place. Some combination of those investigations is going to lay bare this entire sordid business, and some swollen and much-talking heads will roll.”

All I can say is, Conrad, from your mouth to God’s ear.

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War Pig
War Pig
2 years ago

I can only hope so.