14JUN2019 – American Greatness Post of the Day – A Conservative Resistance? By Angelo Codevilla

Talking ’bout revolution!


Okay!  Codevilla is openly considering whether the red states should start emulating the blue states.  If the blue states openly defy drug laws then what if the red states defy the laws they disagree with; abortion, homosexuality, pornography, etc.  Of course you see how this goes downhill fast.  The next round on their side would be the 1st and 2nd amendments.  Codevilla is fast approaching the dissident right’s positions, if not from a philosophical perspective then at least from a tactical and practical perspective.

Well, if that went forward, things would definitely accelerate and I might have to move sooner than I expected.  Ahhh, I’m tired of snow anyway.


After you’ve read enough sexbot articles on Drudge maybe switch to something interesting

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[…] piece, “A Conservative Resistance?”  Thanks to photog at Orion’s Cold Fire for linking to it.  Readers will recall that I wrote some months ago about Codevilla’s excellent essay on […]

4 years ago

When I was younger, you could maintain the pretense (maybe real, maybe not) that the various political groups had end goals in common and everyone varied only in the best rout there.

That is clearly and demonstratively not the case now; the progressives hate us and want to crush us. And in the time honored tradition of leftists/progressives, I’m quite sure they wouldn’t much mind cracking a few eggs to create their preferred omelet.

We’re living at a tipping point and the progressives seem to hold most of the cards.