Observations on the First Two Democrat Debates

I had planned to ignore the first few Democrat debates.  There are so many awful candidates that I figured if I could let them whittle it down to a dozen or so I could skip a lot of the really mush-headed nonsense that the truly hopeless candidates say.  But after I saw a few of the highlights on the news sites I realized that there isn’t anything but mush-headed Democrats in this race.  So, I did a viewing of the telecasts and I was able to come to a few conclusions.

The first thing that I decided was that the script for this soap opera is written to allow some of the truly stupidest members of the clown college to have their moment in the sun.  The kabuki theater about Joe Biden’s involvement with anti-bussing legislation was a well planned and choreographed operation.  I’m sure even Creepy Uncle Joe was in on the gag.  Elizabeth Warren was thrown some softballs to allow her to give her set speeches on climate change and health care.  Pete Buttigieg was allowed the opportunity to address the killing of a South Bend black man by a white cop in a venue where he could display the requisite amount of anguish to defuse the disqualifying nature of this offense against Democrat sensibilities.  And all podium denizens were allowed a couple of shots at President Trump just to prove their woke bona fides.

The second thing I decided was that despite the beating Biden took at the hands of Kamala Harris he would still be the candidate.  I believe the set pieces that the also-rans are being handed are for the purpose of deciding who will be the running mate to Creepy Uncle Joe.  A lot of headlines and gallons of electronic ink were expended trying to make us think that Warren, Buttigieg or Harris are now within striking distance of being the front-runner.  The latest poll (for what it’s worth) has Biden dropping from about 38 to 31 percent.  That still leaves him about 12 points ahead of the second-place candidate Comrade Bernie Sanders.  Let’s face it, adding a woman and especially a minority woman as his running mate will help Biden overcome the creep factor associated with his shoulder clutching, hair-sniffing fetish activities.  This is meant to counteract the disappointment that the more “woke” sections of the Democrat coalition will experience when Joe has to pivot hard right to avoid losing all the less crazy inhabitants of the United States during the general election.  So, until that time comes, we are regaled with tales of green energy and the “millions of green energy jobs” that always are just over the rainbow of a democrat election victory.  And the tweaks to Obamacare that will render it a panacea for all healthcare problems.  And repeal of the Second Amendment and retroactive abortions and universal college loan debt forgiveness and free college for all and transgender emotional support animals for blue haired women and, and, and.  Well you get the picture.  Right now, it’s all about throwing the base red meat (or in this case tofu) and inspiring the true believers to think Pete Buttigieg could actually be Commander in Chief of the United States which of course is absurd.

And the third thing I decided was that barring a rollicking simultaneous visit by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse President Trump will steamroll Creepy Uncle Joe or any of the lesser members of the Democrat Travelling Freak Show in the 2020 election.  Seriously, these people are an embarrassment.  And without a doubt, the more intelligent members of that party are skipping this election to avoid the stigma of losing.  Chuck Schumer is no Einstein but he looks like him when compared to Corey Booker or Kamala Harris.  I imagine he thinks he’d have a much better chance running after President Trump is term limited.  I have to assume we won’t be seeing any of these people running in 2024.  Obviously, Biden and Sanders will be, at best, in nursing homes.  Harris, Booker, Gillibrand and Warren will be hiding out in the Senate making believe they are important but the kookier members of this group will have disappeared down rat holes never to be heard from again.  I guess I can continue to watch snippets of the Democrat debates but honestly it will only be so I can confirm my Biden prediction and guess which of the sideshow attractions will be his running mate.  And maybe just to get a few laughs.

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