The Twilight Zone – Complete Series Review – Season 4 Episode 18 – The Bard

Julius Moomer is a struggling tv writer.  He’s awful.  After he’s been rejected for the millionth time he begs his agent for just one more chance.  He goes to a bookstore and a book on black magic flies off the shelf and lands at his feet.  He takes the book home and tries to conjure up William Shakespeare to help him write his script.  After several failures he succeeds and Shakespeare agrees to write a couple of scripts for Julius.

When Moomer brings the script to his agent he actually likes it.  He sells it to a tv show and a committee of producers, directors and the sponsor rewrite it so that Rocky Rhodes (Burt Reynolds doing his best Marlon Brando impression) could play the romantic lead.  But when Will hears what they’ve done to his plot he gets upset.  When Rhodes accuses Shakespeare of being a Tennessee Williams hater Will decks him with one punch.  Then Shakespeare quits and goes home.

Now Moomer is in trouble.  His first play is a hit but how will he do the next one?  The tv station wants an epic on American History.  Of course, he goes back to his book and the next day he shows up at his agent’s office with his writing consultants; Robert E. Lee, Ulysses S. Grant, George Washington, Ben Franklin, Abraham Lincoln and Pocahontas.

Yikes!  Moomer is played by Jack Weston, a very recognizable character actor.  In addition to Burt Reynolds, John Williams played Shakespeare.  I remember him as the police inspector from the movie Dial M for Murder.  And Howard McNear who played Floyd the Barber on the Andy Griffith Show is one of the tv executives.  This is a goofy episode.  It’s played for laughs from beginning to end so I’ll take it in that spirit.  There are a few good laughs so I’ll just go with a B.

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