The Twilight Zone – Complete Series Review – Season 5 Episode 9 – Probe 7, Over and Out

Richard Basehart plays Colonel Cook, an astronaut crash landed alone on a world four light years from home.  Cook’s arm is broken and the only thing left working on the space ship is the communicator.  Cook is in touch with his home base and General Larabee tells him they have no ship that can rescue him.  Later he tells Cook that a nuclear war is imminent.  After exploring the area around the ship and finding some symbols drawn in the dirt Cook looks around and calls out for the stranger to come out of hiding.

When next he calls his home base the General informs Cook that the nuclear war has occurred and they are waiting for the radioactivity to finish them off.  After this call Cook goes out again looking for the people he thinks are around.  Unfortunately, he is injured and lies unconscious on the ground through the night.  While he lies there a last call comes in from home and the General tells Cook that the end is upon them and he hopes that Cook will be able to live in peace with the strangers he’s found, without hate.

When Cook wakes up he reenters the ship and discovers that someone has occupied and locked one of the ship compartments.  Cook leaves the ship to lure the stranger out.  And it works.  He chases after the intruder and he catches a woman!  Dealing with the language barrier he communicates that his name is Cook and she tells him that her name is Norda.  They have some difficulties when Norda runs in fear from him.  But when Cook has packed his supplies to leave the ship for a garden-like area that he’s found, Norda returns and joins Cook on his trek.  We find out that Cook’s first name is Adam and Norda’s name is Eve.  Adam asks her to name their new planet and she calls it Earth.  And Eve gives Adam an apple that she picks from a tree.

Richard Basehart was a television actor that I remember from a sort of science fiction show called Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.  He actually does a very good job of animating this story.  And although the plot and the reveal are a little much, I enjoyed this little teleplay quite a bit.  The story works.  Let’s give this one an A-.


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War Pig
War Pig
1 year ago

Sheldon Comics did a toon on Serling today. Pretty cute.