The Twilight Zone – Complete Series Review – Season 5 Episode 11 – A Short Drink from a Certain Fountain

Harmon Gordon is an old man who married Flora, a very young wife.  Flora is a gold-digger who is bored and resentful of her old husband who can’t keep up with her energy level and appetite for thrills.  Desperate to satisfy her, Harmon begs his brother Raymond, who is a medical researcher, to inject him with a youth serum that has, so far, only been tried on animals.  Raymond refuses saying that the serum is just as likely to kill Harmon as make him younger.  But when he sees that Harmon will jump fifty stories to the pavement below if thwarted, Raymond relents and injects him.  Raymond tells Harmon he will visit him early next morning to see his condition.

The next morning, Raymond shows up early and questions Flora about Harmon.  She dismisses the questions claiming she hasn’t noticed anything strange about him.  But then Harmon walks out of the bedroom and is immediately seen to be about thirty years younger.  He barely has grey hair at his temples and looks about thirty-five.  Harmon says that he feels fantastic and tells Flora that they’ll be going on a cruise the next day.  She becomes ecstatic and all seems well.  But in the next moment suddenly Harmon looks even younger, just a man in his twenties.  And then he doubles up in pain.  Raymond drags him into the bedroom and Flora waits nervously.  When Raymond reappears, he warns her that her life will now change.  Flora doesn’t understand and wants to see Harmon.  Finally, she bursts into the bedroom and finds that Harmon looks like a four-year-old boy.

Raymond tells Flora that if she wants to live in the luxury, she’s become accustomed to she will be responsible for raising Harmon and if she shirks her responsibilities at all, Raymond will see that she’s disinherited altogether.  Flora says it’s not fair but Raymond tells her it will get worse.  She will grow old and then one day Harmon will replace her.

In my opinion this is a swing and a miss.  The story feels flat and the whole thing is kind of boring.  C.