More Trouble for Google

Hat tip to Vox Day for excerpting an exciting article by Sara Carter.  It seems another Google insider has handed over almost a thousand pages of documents to the DOJ exposing how the company’s algorithms discriminate against conservative entities.  This directly contradicts testimony made in front of Congress by Google upper management.  Apparently Project Veritas is going to reveal the former insider’s identity today.  Things are definitely moving in the right direction.  I wonder if there is any limit on the size of the fine that can be levied against Google.  ONE TRILLION DOLLARS !!!!!  sounds about right.  Full disclosure, I was holding my pinky at the corner of my mouth as I typed that.  Eat your heart out Dr. Evil.

Seriously, it doesn’t appear that the DOJ is going to need much more evidence to move forward.  It’s a matter of whether they have the will.  We shall see.


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War Pig
War Pig
1 year ago

The same DOJ that spied on Trump, used false FISA documents and are all-in with the leftist in Congress and the MSM?

Google would have to murder children on the steps of their corporate offices to get the DOJ to actually do anything.

1 year ago

The rabble must be roused prior to any serious take down of the major tech players. And considering that the major tech players are progressive agitators, the progressive media is unlikely, to say the least, to rouse any rabble.