The Twilight Zone – Complete Series Review – Season 5 Episode 14 – You Drive

Oliver Pope is a middle-aged man who thinks his co-worker Pete Radcliff is after his job.  Driving home one night he is so worried and distracted that he accidentally hits a boy on a bicycle.  He stops and gets out of his car but when he sees that the boy is badly hurt and that no one is around he gets back in his car and flees the scene of the accident.  But a woman sees his car take off and reports it to the police.

Oliver arrives home and tells his wife Lillian that he’s not feeling well.  From her he learns that the boy he hit was their paperboy, Timmy Danbers, who is in critical condition.  Oliver becomes very upset and when Lillian questions his agitation he claims it’s due to Pete Radcliff at work angling to get his job.

After dinner the door between the garage and the kitchen opens on its own and Lillian sees the car lights flashing.  She tells Oliver to see if there are intruders in the garage fooling around with the car.  He goes in but no one is there.  The lights are flashing on their own.  Later that night the car horn starts honking on its own and the lights flash.  In an angry rage Oliver smashes the lights and horn with a hammer.  In the middle of the night the car radio starts playing and the audio is from a news flash from earlier in the day that the boy on the bike had been hit.

The next day Oliver stays home from work to avoid being seen by the witness and the police.  Pete Radcliff stops by from work with Oliver’s correspondence that Pete has kindly answered and only needs Oliver’s signatures to complete.  Oliver screams at Pete claiming that Pete is just trying to steal his job.  After Pete leaves and while he is driving home the witness misidentifies Pete to the police and Pete is arrested for the homicide.

When Oliver hears the news report that Pete has been arrested, he is relieved and claims to Lillian that he always knew Pete was a bad guy.  Next morning Oliver tells Lillian that he is going to take the bus to work and sell the car.  But after he leaves the house and right in front of a stunned Lillian, the car drives out of the garage and with no one at the wheel follows Oliver down the street.  The car shadows Oliver and finally he panics and flees down the street with the car in hot pursuit.  When he trips while running the car stops with its front tire inches from Oliver’s head.

In resignation he enters the open passenger side door and allows the car to drive him to police headquarters where he gets out and apparently goes in and confesses his crime.

Edward Andrews who plays Oliver is a familiar face from film and television as the officious and smug middle-aged businessman.  Here he is frantic and harried as the guilty Oliver.  This is a mildly interesting play.  But B- is how it strikes me.


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War Pig
War Pig
2 years ago

That car was mild compared to Christine.