The Twilight Zone – Complete Series Review – Season 5 Episode 18 – Black Leather Jackets

Steve, Fred and Scott are three young men in black leather jackets riding motorcycles looking extremely “cool.”  They ride into town and go to a realtor’s office.  Then we see them move into a house.  Next door is Stuart Tillman, his wife Martha and their teenage daughter Ellen.  That night the Tillmans notice interference with their electrical devices.  Stuart notices that the motorcycle guys next door have a complicated antenna on their roof and he goes to their house to find out if they are ham radio operators.  When he arrives, the boys push him around and mock him.  He threatens to go to the police but they use mental control to dissuade him.

He returns home and tells Martha that they are good boys.  Next we see the “boys” inside their house talking to a two-way television system.  On the screen is the closeup of an eye.  They’re talking to their boss from another planet who has sent them to Earth to poison the water supply of their town with a lethal bacterium.  Agents of this alien world are doing the same thing all across Earth.  The bacteria will kill everyone all at once and very soon.

Meanwhile Ellen misses her bus going to the library so Scott gives her a ride on his motorcycle.  They fall in love and Scott warns Ellen that his friends are aliens that will destroy all human life.  Ellen decides he’s nuts and tells her parents.  They call the sheriff.  The sheriff is “out of town” but his “replacement” comes over to see about the trouble.  The sheriff is one of the aliens and Scott recognizes him but the sheriff brought some helpers dressed as medical attendants and they tell the Tillmans that they will “take care of Scott.”  The End.

What was that?  No really, what the hell was that?

This wasn’t a Twilight Zone episode it was more like an Ed Wood production.  The cheesy Marlon Brando “Wild One” vibe.  The “Daddy-O” and “Gonesville” dialog.  All it needed was Criswell to narrate instead of Serling.

So why were the aliens, bikers?  Did they get a discount on leather jackets?  Couldn’t they have been German Nuns who needed to build a “shapel”?  Then at least Sidney Poitier could have helped them poison the water supply.

The mind boggles.  D-.