21SEP2019 – OCF Update

A major milestone is fast approaching.  October 9th will be the review of the final episode of the Twilight Zone Series.  It’s going to be a foot race between the last eight episodes and my will to watch them.  Season Five, with a few notable exceptions was pretty mediocre.  Once I finish I will be starting a review of the Star Trek original series.  That will be a lot of fun for me and I intend to be pretty merciless  when it comes to reviewing the skill of the acting especially of that Demigod of Bad Acting, Bill Shatner.  I intend to return to the Twilight Zone to pick my top ten and bottom ten and look at various themes and talk about the later manifestations like the revivals and the motion picture.  After a hundred and fifty six episodes I’ll need a break.  But never fear there is all kinds of worthwhile materials to review and recommend in both the sf&f genre and elsewhere in the world of entertainment.

I’m reading what so far seems like a very interesting book called White Shift.  It examines the current influx of Non-European immigrants into America and Europe and its effects on the white populations of those areas.  Regardless of the political point of view of the author it isn’t the usual “diversity is our strength” lecture.  I’ll finish it before discussing it in depth but it seems to include a relatively even handed approach to the different points of view of white Americans and for that alone it’s interesting.

Political events are starting to accelerate again.  Brexit, Kavanaugh, Creepy Uncle Joe and Fauxcahantas are all in the news and Iran, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Ukraine are heating up.  The usual suspects (McCabe, Comey and company) are still not in jail so I’m beginning to wonder if there is an election timing aspect to this.   Or maybe, the Deep State really is untouchable.  Well, hang in there the next few weeks look like fun.