The Twilight Zone – Complete Series Review – Season 5 Episode 32 – Mr. Garrity and the Graves

Jared Garrity arrives in Happiness, Arizona circa 1875 and enters the saloon where he wakes up the saloon keeper Jensen and asks for a beer.  Praising the town Garrity marvels at how peaceful it is and Jensen tells him that it only was renamed Happiness ten months ago when the new Sheriff named Gilchrist established law and order in the previously lawless town by killing off the outlaws like Lightning Peterson.  Since then everything has been happy in Happiness.  But when Jensen asks Garrity what his line of work is Garrity replies, “I raise the dead.”

Garrity continues that he is able to resurrect the dead through scientific principles that he learned in the Himalayas.  As they were talking in the bar the hear a dog give a loud yelp from out on the street.  Rushing outside they see that a dog is lying apparently dead on the street and a man driving a wagon says that the dog ran under his wheels and was killed.

Garrity announces that he will resurrect the dog if everyone present will turn their backs while he performs his secret procedure.  After a few seconds of Garrity mumbling some words they hear a bark and turning around they see that the dog is indeed alive and unharmed.

Now Garrity announces that, that very night, he will resurrect all the dead in their Boot Hill and that the departed would arrive back in town at midnight.  As the hour approaches A form is seen walking through the fog toward the saloon and Garrity tells Jensen that since his brother was the last to die, he will be the first to return.  Jensen nervously tells Garrity that his brother John was a thief and a drunkard.  And he tells Garrity that if there is some way to stop the resurrection, he would want it.  Garrity tells him that resurrection is easy but reversing it is difficult, $700 of difficult.  Jensen pays.  Then each of the townspeople pay Garrity to keep their kin from returning.  Mr. Gooberman, the town drunk pays for his wife Zelda to stay dead so she won’t break his arm again for the seventh time.  And the sheriff pays $1,200 to keep Lightning Peterson from coming back, especially since rumor has it that Sheriff Gilchrist shot him in the back.

After collecting all his fees Garrity leaves town and in front of the graveyard he meets up with the man who drove the wagon over the dog and of course, his dog.  Garrity compliments his friend for impersonating Jensen’s brother and then they discuss their next con job in Tucson.  As he leaves, Garrity addresses the denizens of the graveyard and apologizes for not actually being able to bring them back to life.

As he drives away, the dead rise up from their graves and stagger down the road toward town.  John Jensen, Zelda Gooberman and Lightning Peterson each express their impatience to get back to Happiness and greet their “friends and relatives.”

What can I say?  John Dehner, J. Pat O’Malley and Stanley Adams as Garrity, Gooberman and Jensen respectively are fine character actors who take comic turns in this farcical passion play.  Between the cowardly hypocrisy of the denizens of Happiness and the creepy supernatural ending this is a very enjoyable comic Twilight Zone episode.  A.