The Twilight Zone – Complete Series Review – Season 5 Episode 34 – Come Wander with Me

Floyd Burney is a rock and roll singer who calls himself the Rock-A-Billy Kid.  He received a tip that the owner of a store out in the back country could sell him some authentic folk songs.  Leaving his car on a ridge that’s blocked by a downed tree he finds the store and it’s full of old musical instruments.  But after negotiating with the old man the owner refuses to sell him any music.  Suddenly Floyd hears the voice of a woman singing a sad ballad.  The audience is shown a headstone that says “Floyd Burney, the Wandering Man.”  He follows the singing into the woods and unbeknownst to Floyd we see that a woman in mourning clothes is watching from a distance.

Tired of his futile search Floyd sits on a log and starts strumming his guitar.  From behind him a young woman in country clothes joins him.  Floyd welcomes her and asks her who she is.  She tells him that her name is Mary Rachel.  Two things we learn is that she is the singer Floyd’s been hearing and that she can’t sell the song because someone already owns it.  When Floyd starts showing romantic interest in Rachel she is bespoke, meaning she is engaged.  Floyd makes a play for her believing he’ll get the song if she thinks he loves her.  She agrees to go with him and run away from her boyfriend Billy, one of the Rayford brothers.  Now Floyd gets her to sing some of the song into his tape recorder.

But Billy shows up and at rifle point orders Floyd to come with him to see his brothers “who know how to deal with the likes of Floyd.  Floyd uses his guitar to push the rifle off of himself and attacks Billy.  Floyd hits Billy to the head and kills him.  Now we hear another verse of the song telling how Billy is killed and how the brothers look for Floyd.  Floyd panics and starts screaming at Rachel to tell him what’s going on.  She tells him that this is how it always happens and she asks him if this time he can not run away but let her hide him.  But he refuses and runs.  Now we see the woman in mourning is Rachel.

Floyd goes back to the store and begs the man to hide him.  The old man refuses and Floyd angrily strikes him.  The old man dies and suddenly all the instruments and music boxes start playing.  While Floyd cowers hiding in the store the Rayford brothers come in and shoot him dead.


I thought this episode sucked.  The music is boring and annoying.  The story is predictable and uninteresting.  I didn’t like the characters.  D.



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2 years ago

We agree. I kept looking for a twist, or a moral or a “Gotcha” but it was just tedium.
I think maybe Serling had a plan to do something with the story but never got to it.
It feels like he was written out at this point.