08DEC2019 – OCF Update

This Thursday, 12DEC2019, is the British General Election.  Currently, the Tories are way ahead of Labour in the polls but the smaller parties will come into play if the Tories can’t get an overall majority.  But at least this week, finally we’ll know if Brexit will actually happen.

Tomorrow is supposed to be the IG’s report on Russiagate.  We’ve been told that it will be a nothing burger.  If that is the case it will make liars out of several of the sources we heard from last month.  Anyway, it’s about time it finally ends.  Durham better have something real and have it real soon.

The Pelosi Psychiatric Facility will be performing their Impeachment Follies next week also.  Meh.

Lots of stuff going on, hopefully lots of laughs.  Stay tuned.