DiGenova and Toensing Claim the IG’s Report Will be Explosive

Lou Dobbs interiews former U.S. Attorney Joe DiGenova and former Deputy Attorney General Victoria Toensing and they tell him that the IG’s report will reveal that high ranking DOJ figures submitted FISA applications that were based on information that they knew to be false.


Of course we’ve been waiting for this for years so it’s getting hard to believe it will ever appear but it’s interesting to hear insiders saying it.



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1 year ago

Yeah, I’m of the same mind. We’ve been waiting for the IG report for, how long now?
First it was August, then September, then for sure in October so it could affect the November elections – an off year October surprise.
Its past the first week of November.
When will we see it?
And after this much build up and delay, I cannot help but think that it will be an nothing burger. That it will show “Clear evidence of a crime, but recommend no prosecution” and the AG will go along with that.