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War Pig
War Pig
7 months ago

George or John?

War Pig
War Pig
7 months ago

He was a violent, controlling bastard. Don’t ask Julian to eulogize him. Julian said Paul was more of a father to him than John ever was. Lennon beat both his wives on occasion, as well as Julian. He was the king of the narcissists and an egomaniac at the same time. After the Beatles breakup look who had the greater success, Paul or John. Paul was the genius of the Beatles. I like to play one game occasionally. Who will be the last Beatle standing? Sometimes I think it will be Paul, sometimes Ringo. Ringo is a couple years the… Read more »

Tyler, the Portly Politico
Reply to  photog

Fortunately, no one tells me I’m too important, just me: https://tjcookmusic.bandcamp.com/album/contest-winner-ep

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