UN Climate Summit in Madrid Collapses Without The U.S. Paying the Bills

Now here’s some comedy.  Without the United States to foot the bill, the rich countries and the poor countries are at each other’s throats over why there won’t be anyone to hand out goodies to the freeloaders.  Well, I guess the world will burn up very soon and polar bears will need sun screen.


So sad, so very sad.


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War Pig
War Pig
7 months ago

The Chinese circumnavigated the Americas seventy years before Columbus set sail for the New World. They sailed an ice free Arctic Ocean via the Northwest Passage way back then. Polar bears seemed to have survived just fine.

War Pig
War Pig
7 months ago

In China it was pretty well documented. The Chinese kept excellent records so unless they faked the whole thing, including ancient maps and forged the ancient books and Admiral’s and Captain’s logs and all, it is convincing. Admiral “Zheng He” is legend in China as a great explorer. His fleets of seagoing junks explored from 1406 to 1435 (our calendar). Part of his fleet split in the Caribbean and went north. They stopped in Greenland, mapping as they went and crossed the Northwest Passage the next year. If they didn’t actually circumnavigate the Americas, they sure guessed pretty good on… Read more »

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