14JAN2020 – OCF Update

This truly is a bad week for outrage.  Everything is coming up roses for our side on all fronts.

The Iranian crisis is a crisis for Iran and not us.  Seeing just how much their own people despise the mullahs is heart warming.

Watching the Democrat Clown Car totter forward toward their convention is astonishing.  Not one of their candidates is electable at this point.  This is going to be an epic train wreck.

The Impeachment Farce wends its slow way from Pelosi’s retirement home in the House to the feckless Senate where boobs like Mitt Romney will do their disloyal best to damage President Trump.  I don’t see it working.

Okay, let’s smile for a change.  It just might make us feel a little better.

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War Pig
War Pig
1 year ago

I still say that if Bernie is ahead come the convention, they will find a way to screw him out of the nomination again. Bernie cannot win against trump and the DNC knows it. Back room brokerage will likely give it to Bloomberg. If Hillary had time to file to run I bet they would give it to her. Pocahontas would be flattened by Trump. Butt-i-boi is a sideshow.

Bloomberg poses the greatest threat to Trump, I believe. AOC is biding her time to be old enough to run.