13FEB2020 – OCF Update

Once again, this week, my day job has kept me from my avocation, which of course is my work here on OCF.  Things won’t be back to normal next week but they will improve quite a bit.  But I want to preview a little of what will be ahead.

I’ve been reading Christopher Caldwell’s new book The Age of Entitlement.  I’m only about a third of the way through but I can already tell you that the clear way he walks through the almost endless chain of betrayals, cowardice and stupidity that brought us from the 1960s to where we are today is supremely important to read and at the same time almost too painful to stand.  What galls the most is how whenever some horrible piece of legislation is going to be foisted on us the defenders of these poison cups always deride as absurd all the consequences that history will show to be the exact results of the law in question.  Each time I have to stop reading it after about fifteen minutes.  It’s profoundly depressing.  When I finish it I will review it and give my reaction.

This weekend I’ll have my wildlife outing and bald eagles will be the central quarry.  With the Sony 200mm – 600mm zoom I hope to get some decent shots of the birds both in the air and on their nests.  This will give me an excuse to review the lens.

And of course we’ll have a Star Trek episode and hopefully a music and movie review to post.  As far as political posts, I’ll see what catches my interest.  I’m not sure what else there is to say about the Dem race.  Maybe I’ll do a satire post on an imaginary debate between the remaining clowns.  We’ll see.

Sorry about the low production rate here but things will improve.  Stay tuned.