12MAR2020 – OCF Update

As COVID-19 slowly annoys us all to death, I’m sitting here at the Compound telecommuting and contemplating the state of this goofy world we inhabit.

I’m in a little bit of a lull right now.  I need to do some planning for the weeks ahead.  But I’m somewhat distracted by panic around me.  I just find it uninspiring to write about people hoarding toilet paper.

The photo side of things needs some work but the outside world is extremely blah at the moment.  I’ll have some spring stuff soon but nothing has interested me yet. I’ll probably try a focus stack outside on a new sprouting hyacinth that I noticed breaking out of the dirt today.

And I’m always looking to expand the scope of the site so if anyone out there is looking to share a post on something of general (or even specialized) interest write me at orionscoldfire(at)charter.net and we can discuss it.

I should have a chance this weekend to break out of my malaise.  So hang in there, I’ll come around soon.


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1 year ago

People! They’re the worst!! This is just another in a never-ending attempt by the media to destroy Trump even if it means taking down the economy to do it

1 year ago

Oh, I forgot to add “You’re full of $hit”. My best Biden impersonation..