Turning Over a New Leaf

You would think that living in the world we do; nothing would faze us anymore.  We saw 9/11, we lived through the endless wars in the Middle East.  We dealt with the 2008 crash.  We even dealt with Obama and all his attendant madnesses; gay marriage, BLM, white privilege and of course transgender everything.

After all that, what would faze us?  And yet, this petty plague is truly tiresome.  All the little annoyances and work arounds.

But enough!  I’m banishing the plague along with the Democrat primary from my list of topics.  They’re just too damn boring.  Talking about them makes me boring.  And that’s the beauty of having Donald Trump as president.  He’ll take care of it.  And that’s what I’ll assume, he’ll take care of it.  If he can’t then we’ll start the revolution.

If something exciting breaks out, like the dead start rising from their graves (other than Joe Biden) and attacking the living then I’ll opine on this miserable pandemic.  And if I run across any good coping mechanisms that I think are especially valuable I’ll pass them along.  But otherwise, enough is enough.  Let’s talk of happier things.  St Patrick’s Day!

Now a reason why St Patrick’s Day has significance here at the compound is the fact that it’s Camera Girl’s birthday.  And because of that we have the traditional corned beef and cabbage which is associated with her heritage.  Begorra, she is Southern Irish with her people coming from the counties of Bari and Messina.  But in the New York City of my youth, everybody was Irish on St Patrick’s Day because he was the patron saint of the city and the parade was an occasion of civic pride and religious celebration and an excuse for drinking that everyone enjoyed.  Of course, today, I can only imagine the outrages that must be celebrated in the name of tolerance.  I’m sure if the actual St Patrick could see it, he’d disown the whole thing.

And a strange St. Patrick’s Day it is in New England.  No parades and the pubs shut down.  But even more shocking, today, Patriot Nation (which I guess is also Red Sox Nation) is officially in mourning over the end of Tom Brady.  Tommy boy has flown the coup.  He’s packed up his underinflated footballs and his overinflated wife Gisele Bündchen and said goodbye to New England.  The amazing thing is that what inevitably will happen will be that the most rabid Brady fans will turn on a dime and trash poor old Tom and claim that losing him is the best thing that can possibly happen to the Patriots.  Within hours the talk will be how it was always Bill Belichick that made Tom look good and without Belichick, Brady will be just an old stumblebum staggering down skid row toward oblivion.  This same script has played out every time a Red Sox hero has gone onto greener pastures.

The Supreme Court has suspended hearings because of the plague.  This will be an interesting situation.  Many schools have already called off the rest of the school year.  Might the Supreme Court do same thing?  It seems to me with the magic of video conferencing the Court could equally just handle everything remotely from the safety of their individual bunkers.  But we’ll have to see how this all plays out.  And the plague will also slow down progress on everything else that was slowly wending its way through the government and the courts like the various investigations that Bill Barr has going.

For all those reasons I expect it to be a slow news cycle for the next few weeks at least.  And for that reason, I’ll attend to things on the cultural side in order to provide some interesting topics to distract us as the Angel of Death stoops down and decides which of us he’ll drag away.