28MAR2020 – OCF Update

This is the beginning of Week 3 of the COVID-19 lock-down here in lovely but chilly New England and the cabin fever hasn’t really set in yet.  But I must say the news has been a little monotonous.  Even Italy hasn’t reached their peak mortality yet and we’re still climbing so we’ll be here for at least a few more weeks.

The only political news is that Creepy Uncle Joe is not just creepy he’s a sex criminal.  One of his Senate staff workers accused him of an actual sexual assault on the streets of Washington D.C. back when he was just a lowly Senator.  Immediately calls to draft Andrew Cuomo as the Democratic Presidential Candidate began circulating.  It’s just amazing how terrible the Democrat bench truly is.

I must apologize for the low output on political posts.  I’ve tried to compensate by posting more reviews and photo stuff.  Just to let you know why this is, I’ve always felt that banging away at the same old thing when there’s nothing new to say is boring.  I assume it’s just as boring for the reader as it is for the writer.  So that’s why I haven’t been producing much of that stuff.  Chances are this is a very temporary lull caused by the lock-down.  We all know that regardless of whether the Democrats nominate Biden or an even worse candidate (as hard as that is to imagine) this election season will be the loudest, nastiest street brawl imaginable so I don’t see the need to pound away at the same old stuff when nothing is currently happening.

What I will do is look for interesting stuff in the news and life and post it along with my own cultural notes.  So hang in there.  Something horrible is bound to happen in Washington and we’ll have plenty of chances to be outraged sometime soon.

Also I want to start getting some feedback from the readers on the various types of posts I do.  After all Vox Populi, Vox Dei.  I want to see what is most interesting to the readers and give them more of that.

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War Pig
War Pig
1 year ago

While there is no federal deadline for filing to run for president, almost all states have such deadlines and almost all of them have passed. How will the Democrats overcome that? And now for scenarios. Biden is nominated but dies from covid19 before the election (or has a stroke or something that makes him physically unable to serve). Who do they run? Will they have to run their chosen VP and then choose another VP in her place? Biden has said he will have a female VP and making Hillary that VP is the only way she’ll see the inside… Read more »

War Pig
War Pig
1 year ago
Reply to  photog

Apparently. Remember how they shafted Bernie last time by changing the rules mid stream and adding DNC controlled super-delegates to the convention to make sure Hillary got the nomination? They could decide Joe is too much of a millstone and try to send in Cuomo. The left has shown am amazing lack of regard for even their own rules.

covid-19 = 2,026 dead as of right now
seasonal flu = about 50,000

Why aren’t we fighting the flu as hard?

Tyler, the Portly Politico

Nice update, photog. I’ve appreciated the photography. I’m running into the same thing with my blog—there just isn’t enough political stuff to write about right now, and the coronavirus situation gets boring to discuss, seeing as it’s the topic of every conversation. That’s why I’ve been writing about weird animals and muscle cars: https://theportlypolitico.wordpress.com/2020/03/29/lazy-sunday-lv-animals/ Like War Pig, I’m curious about the procedural approach to changing the nominee. If the Dems force Biden out, then it’s unlikely any candidate will have a majority of delegates by the DNC, and then we will see a brokered convention. That makes sense. What I… Read more »