A Little More Information Comes In

Some information I’ve gotten in the last day or so:

  • A Chinese clinical study that included a control group found that patients taking hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) had a shorter time to clinical recovery, as well as improved pneumonia. Even the NY Times reported on this although they downplayed the President’s role in touting HCQ.
  • One of our family relations in New York City was in critical condition on a ventilator with the COVID-19 virus. His wife had to sign a release to allow the doctors to use a treatment.  A couple of days after the start of treatment he is off the ventilator much improved and talking to relatives on the phone.
  • I had a chance to do some back of the envelope calculations to see how the death statistics look for this thing with respect to patient’s age. Here it is:

So over 88% of people who die are over 60.  82% are over 70.  That tells me that dosing all the old age homes with an anti-viral (which HCQ is) would go along way to knocking these death rates down by almost a  factor of 10.

There are plenty of smart people who want his thing to end sooner and without hundreds of thousands of deaths.  I’m hoping they start looking at the numbers and figure out that targeting the elderly is the key to dropping the mortality from this thing way down.

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I’m sure people are thinking it and saying it. Getting the _right_ people (taking underline queues from Tyler) to take action is the hard part.