It’s the End of the World as We Know It and I Feel Fine?

Well not exactly.  This morning I woke up feeling pretty bleak.  Antifa and BLM have flushed untold billions of dollars and thousands of American businesses down the drain with their orgy of theft and destruction.  Multiple lives have been lost in rioting to somehow make up for the single life that this was all supposed to be about.  Governors and Mayors in the blue states are passing this whole thing off as a justifiable reaction.  The usual suspects in the media are cheerleading the mayhem and somehow blaming everything on the President.  It sounds like I might have a reason to be down.

But I thought about it a little.  There is precious little other than blogging about it that I can do.  Nobody I know has been burned out of his home or business, so far, and the fallout from all this madness should result in the Democrats losing a bunch of elections in a bunch of places.  Possibly this will help to clarify in a lot of people’s minds what it means to put the far left in charge of your lives.  If it does maybe it will be a net positive for the country.  After all Donald Trump was elected partly as a reaction to the BLM atrocities under Obama.  So that gives me a reason to be patient while the madness plays out.  I can look forward to a change for the better.

And let’s play devil’s advocate and suppose that instead the country decides to knuckle under to Antifa and BLM and elects the whole leftist crew who then initiate the entire “destroy America agenda.”  Well as bad as that would be, and it indeed would be the end of the world as we know it, it would also clarify my place in the world completely.  It would essentially end the need for me to wait for things to improve.  After all, if you take freedom out of America, you remove the original advantage that everyone came here for in the first place.  Then my mission becomes relatively simple, find the place where I have the best chance of enjoying life.  Maybe it’ll be Oklahoma or Mississippi, Idaho or Wyoming.  I’ll be depending on local conditions to make life tolerable.  I can try to remove myself from as many of the systems that the government has built up to control us and try to find a community that thinks like I do.  At least in a place like that you might have some like-minded people around you.  Who knows, you might be able to join a rebellion of our own.

So yeah, there are a lot of scary things going on and faith in my fellow Americans is at an all time low.  But they have until November to restore my faith in them.  If they do the right thing and re-elect the President and toss out a bunch of commies who backed Antifa and BLM then we have a chance to straighten things out here.  It will still take decades to repair the damage that has already been done.  The American people have been sorely harmed by the policies that the Democrats and Republicans inflicted on us over the last fifty years.  But if the people choose wisely then we can get started.  If not, then I’ll take care me and mine and anyone else I find who feels he’s in the same boat.  I’ll look around and see where the deck isn’t stacked against me and I’ll shake off the dust of my feet and leave a place that doesn’t have a place for me.

So, I may not feel fine but I have plans for all eventualities.