Take That Knee Joe

Well, if you’re going to have a civil war you need two sets of uniforms, flags and songs to go with it.  The Left will certainly have no problem getting the degenerate music industry to sing them songs.  If we’re lucky Toby Keith will let us use the Angry American.  We haven’t finished the whole duplication process but I guess we can have the American flag all to ourselves.  Apparently, leftists will kneel to avoid recognizing the flag as their own.  Initially we’ll see the patrons at sports games start segregating between those who stand and those who don’t.  Maybe the two sides can be called the Stand-Up-Right and the Left-On-Its-Knees.  But how about NASCAR and the NHL?  It’s entirely possible that even these organizations will knuckle under and start taking a knee during the anthem.  I’m guessing that NFL attendance and viewership will plummet again this year.

But that opens up opportunities to events and organizations that are willing to honor the flag and thereby take advantage of a legitimate American symbol that can’t be easily vilified in the eyes of the normal American population.  It makes perfect sense for us to maximize the use of the flag while our enemies will have to virtue signal on their knees.  Even the Democrat and Republican conventions this year should be a real eye opener.  One will be patriotic and celebratory, the other will be an exhibition of submission and shame.  How can we ask for more than that?

I feel kind of inspired.  I think I’ll look into a fifty foot flag pole and a nice big flag.  Who knows, maybe I’ll decide to paint a big Old Glory on the side of my house.  One side doesn’t have windows and would be perfect as a canvas.

But the point is we own the flag and playing the anthem can be our own celebration.  We don’t have to be guilty or ashamed we can just feel proud that the Left has abandoned it.  For instance, if at the Republican convention Mitt Romney takes a knee during the anthem we should have two really big guys grab him by the arms and legs and toss him onto the street while the whole thing is filmed on the big screen for everyone to cheer.

It seems perfectly clear that the Left is going to go all out on radicalizing the Anti-American stance of the Democrat party during this election season.  And I think it’s a fantastic idea.  We should embrace it with both arms and draw the comparison wherever and whenever the opportunity arises.  For starters we should compare the results in leftist jurisdictions like Minneapolis and New York City with places like Boise ID and Cheyenne WY.  Instead of looting and arson you had a well-armed citizenry present to make sure “protestors” stayed peaceful.

That should be the message that President Trump and the Republicans send to the swing states.  They have a choice to embrace freedom, law and order and normalcy with us or they can go with the Democrats and kneel to their new masters, the depraved angry mob that will take everything they have; their wealth, their homes, their freedom, their children and eventually their lives and will still want more.

You’d think it would be a pretty easy choice.  But we don’t have the megaphone they do.  We’re going to have to pay for our message to get out while theirs will be trumpeted by every branch and tendril of the Woke Media.  From Google, Facebook and Twitter to the tv networks and newspapers there will be only one message.  They will try to frighten and shame women and weak men into submission to their narrative of defeat.

My bets on us.  I notice they’ve been hyping the Biden numbers lately.  I hope they can get the betting odds long on Trump so I can make some decent money when he wins.  I made money in 2016 but not enough.  Hopefully this time I can make a bundle.  Take that knee Joe, take that knee.

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Deplorable Old Codger
Deplorable Old Codger
2 years ago

“I’m guessing that NFL attendance and viewership will plummet again this year.”

You’re assuming the Democrats even ALLOW the NFL to HAVE a season this year. I do not believe that is a valid assumption. I don’t see a comeback for spectator sports – at ANY level – until well into spring of ’21 – IF THEN!!!