How Stupid Do You Have to Be?

On both sides of the racial divide there are reactions to the George Floyd killing that cannot be called just, proportionate or even, in some cases, rational.  If one white policeman kills one black crime suspect then multiple cities should be looted and burned and fifteen people should lose their lives?  And alternatively, when a mob robs and loots your city should you kneel down to them, beg their forgiveness and wash their feet?

The title of the post reflects one possible reason for these two extreme reactions.  It is possible that there are white and black people so stupid that they believe both of these reactions are reasonable and even just.  In fact, I’ll grant that there is certainly a percentage of the human race so dim that they can be persuaded by media false equivalence and just plain ignorance that these courses of action are reasonable and correct.  But at the same time, I know these numbers are low.  Call these people the core of the problem.

Then there are people for whom these terrible actions are within their conscienceless self-interest.  On the rioting side you have criminal looters and Antifa anarchists who are gaining from the rioting.  The looters have material gain in the form of stolen property.  The Antifa lunatics are gaining political power and street credibility.  On the national front of the groveling side we have politicians and the media who hope to use the riots as a political wedge to drive the black vote and the suburban woman vote to the Democrat side.  On the local level you have blue city mayors pandering to their black voting base.  They seem to have finally chosen between maintaining a semblance of law and order in their crime ridden cities and kowtowing to inner-city lunacy.  Let’s call this the primary cause of the actions in question.  Without a doubt, these are the catalysts without which, the riots wouldn’t occur.

But then there is a third component.  These are the people just going along with their team.  Here we have all the people who should know better and should act as a brake on these things but are so conditioned to follow the narrative that it’s reflexive.  They’ll parrot the media’s talking points and justify even the most insane behavior on the basis of their team color.  And you get the impression that no matter what lengths the madness goes they would excuse it as reasonable.

So that’s my point.  You have to be mighty stupid to believe that these actions are reasonable, fair or even sane.  But you don’t have to be stupid to make believe that you believe in it.  You just have to be dishonest.

In an ethics class you might make a distinction between these groups of people.  You wouldn’t hold the dim-witted responsible for their actions and would attempt to educate them.  The other groups would be culpable because they should know better but choose to do wrong.

In real life you can’t make any distinction.  They are all the enemy.  Their actions are inimical to your physical and mental well-being.  Trying to convince them of your side of things will not succeed.  In fact, after a certain point wasting effort trying to convince them of their error is more a sign of stupidity or insanity on your part.


The only people left who should be considered are honest people with at least normal intelligence.  And it won’t take more than minimal effort to present the information in a form that shows which side they should be on.  You could put the timeline on the back of a 5 X 7 index card.

  • Derek Chauvin kills George Floyd.
  • Minneapolis fires Chauvin.
  • Minneapolis arrests Chauvin for murder.
  • Antifa and black looters burn chunks of Minneapolis.
  • Mayor Frey abandons police precinct to the mob.
  • Mob burns more of Minneapolis and moves into the suburbs.
  • Mobs burn a number of Democrat run cities, billions in damage, 15 dead.
  • Democrat mayors grovel to the mobs.

I think that about sums it up.  Anyone who knows this much about what happened and still sides with the mob is beyond any hope of convincing.  You would be wasting your time and actually making yourself stupider just by the effort.

What is sensible to do is to figure out how you can minimize the chance that you or one of your loved ones will ever be in the path of one of these pitiless mobs.  Losing your home or business is bad enough.  But to be battered and possibly killed by this inhuman buzz saw is something that should not be left to chance.

Make sure you live where the government has more concern for law-abiding citizens than for the mob.  If it doesn’t, then move to where it does.  Vote for President Trump in November.  Make sure your friends go out and vote for him too.  If you are able, donate to President Trump’s re-election committee.  If you are able, donate to the election funds of any Republicans that you know to be reliable.

Lots of people say boycott those who support our enemies.  I guess I agree with that .  But more importantly support the businesses and interests of people on our side, especially on the local level.  Find like minded people where you live and spend time around them.  It’s good for morale and gives opportunities for local actions that wouldn’t seem possible for you alone.  Start up a social club or activity with people from our side and grow it.

And while you’re at it, leave a comment on this post.  It can be approving or disapproving.  Feedback is welcome.  Constructive criticism is especially welcome.  If you like what I write tell a friend.  If you especially like an article put up a link to it on your webpage or blog.

There’s plenty we can all do and all of it has a positive effect.  Okay, that’s enough cheerleading.  Enjoy the weekend.

Take That Knee Joe

Well, if you’re going to have a civil war you need two sets of uniforms, flags and songs to go with it.  The Left will certainly have no problem getting the degenerate music industry to sing them songs.  If we’re lucky Toby Keith will let us use the Angry American.  We haven’t finished the whole duplication process but I guess we can have the American flag all to ourselves.  Apparently, leftists will kneel to avoid recognizing the flag as their own.  Initially we’ll see the patrons at sports games start segregating between those who stand and those who don’t.  Maybe the two sides can be called the Stand-Up-Right and the Left-On-Its-Knees.  But how about NASCAR and the NHL?  It’s entirely possible that even these organizations will knuckle under and start taking a knee during the anthem.  I’m guessing that NFL attendance and viewership will plummet again this year.

But that opens up opportunities to events and organizations that are willing to honor the flag and thereby take advantage of a legitimate American symbol that can’t be easily vilified in the eyes of the normal American population.  It makes perfect sense for us to maximize the use of the flag while our enemies will have to virtue signal on their knees.  Even the Democrat and Republican conventions this year should be a real eye opener.  One will be patriotic and celebratory, the other will be an exhibition of submission and shame.  How can we ask for more than that?

I feel kind of inspired.  I think I’ll look into a fifty foot flag pole and a nice big flag.  Who knows, maybe I’ll decide to paint a big Old Glory on the side of my house.  One side doesn’t have windows and would be perfect as a canvas.

But the point is we own the flag and playing the anthem can be our own celebration.  We don’t have to be guilty or ashamed we can just feel proud that the Left has abandoned it.  For instance, if at the Republican convention Mitt Romney takes a knee during the anthem we should have two really big guys grab him by the arms and legs and toss him onto the street while the whole thing is filmed on the big screen for everyone to cheer.

It seems perfectly clear that the Left is going to go all out on radicalizing the Anti-American stance of the Democrat party during this election season.  And I think it’s a fantastic idea.  We should embrace it with both arms and draw the comparison wherever and whenever the opportunity arises.  For starters we should compare the results in leftist jurisdictions like Minneapolis and New York City with places like Boise ID and Cheyenne WY.  Instead of looting and arson you had a well-armed citizenry present to make sure “protestors” stayed peaceful.

That should be the message that President Trump and the Republicans send to the swing states.  They have a choice to embrace freedom, law and order and normalcy with us or they can go with the Democrats and kneel to their new masters, the depraved angry mob that will take everything they have; their wealth, their homes, their freedom, their children and eventually their lives and will still want more.

You’d think it would be a pretty easy choice.  But we don’t have the megaphone they do.  We’re going to have to pay for our message to get out while theirs will be trumpeted by every branch and tendril of the Woke Media.  From Google, Facebook and Twitter to the tv networks and newspapers there will be only one message.  They will try to frighten and shame women and weak men into submission to their narrative of defeat.

My bets on us.  I notice they’ve been hyping the Biden numbers lately.  I hope they can get the betting odds long on Trump so I can make some decent money when he wins.  I made money in 2016 but not enough.  Hopefully this time I can make a bundle.  Take that knee Joe, take that knee.