Will There Be a Last Straw?

Lately, as the outrages pile up, I’ve been wondering about something.  Let me explain.  The Left is rioting and assaulting people for two reasons.  The first is morale.  All of these atrocities thrill and motivate the crazies on the Fringe Left and at the same time outrage and depress all the normal people on the Right.  The second reason is they are desperate to elicit a violent reaction from the Right.  They want National Guardsmen or federal agents called in by the President or the Governor of a red state to fire into a crowd and give them something they can call Kent State.  Kent State was the name of a college in Ohio that back in the 1960s had an incident where an anti-war demonstration got out of hand and a National Guardsman ended up firing into a crowd and four protesters were killed.  Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, a popular but politically radical music group of the time, used it as the inspiration for a song that had the refrain “four dead in O-hi-o.”  This song was the anthem of those times and in the same way I’m sure those psychopaths in Portland are hoping to trigger a federal agent into firing into a crowd when they throw Molotov cocktails at and point lasers at the eyes of these agents.  And that is why they put the women at the front of their crowds.  Their deaths are much more exciting for the newspapers and tv stations.

But besides the chance of a government incident, what are the odds that no one will reach the point where anger translates into a either a spontaneous or a premeditated reaction?  To be totally honest, with the level of provocation being provided on a daily basis, I’m sort of amazed it hasn’t already happened.  I figure eventually one of these “demonstrations” will attack someone who either has a gun or has had enough military training that one of the Antifa twig boys will end up at ambient temperature.  And when this does happen, I expect the blue city or state jurisdiction will prosecute the self-defender with the same rabid disregard for evidence and common sense that we saw with the Treyvon Martin and Michael Brown cases.  And I also expect an incident like this to trigger another spasm of looting, burning and killing.

Maybe it will happen in Minnesota or Washington or Oregon.  Or maybe it will happen in Austin, Texas or some other blue city in a red state.  And what the news will tell you is that a white nationalist went on a rampage.  Because of the pathetic nature of the Antifa groups I expect that at most one or two people will be shot and the rest will stampede away to get CNN to come and report on the “massacre.”  But regardless of the exact outcome that will give the Left what they want so badly, it will give them the white racist devil they so badly need to justify the madness they’ve unleashed since George Floyd became a very unlikely saint.

But unfortunately, time is running out.  November 3rd is ten weeks away and the summer is waning rapidly.  The really best rioting weather is in the heat of summer.  And now that the police won’t bother to arrest anyone for anything it’s getting harder to get attention.  This needs to happen before Election Day and preferably before school starts because Antifa is a creature of the campus.  For that reason, I expect to see an especially ugly next couple of weeks as the black clad losers pull out all the stops in their mission to get some of their useful idiots shot.

So, you see I’m of two minds.  I think it’s within the flip of a coin.  It’s almost a random event.  Will the most determined crazies finally bump into a guy that has had enough.  I’m almost not sure I’d prefer it didn’t happen.  A part of me wants to see the good guy make a stand.  I feel as if it would be a rallying cry against the madness we have descended into.  Even if it threw away the election for us.  It still might be the best thing.  Then I think again and say no.  Don’t let them provoke a response.  Win the election and then let our side look for the provocateurs and provide them with nice long jail terms.  Honestly, my head tells me one thing and my gut tells me the reverse.

What do you think?

Will the Provocations by Antifa and BLM Finally Lead to a Violent Reaction?

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[…] Will There Be a Last Straw? […]

1 year ago

Its already happened: https://www.foxnews.com/us/austin-texas-driver-kills-armed-protester-police-detained https://www.foxnews.com/us/austin-police-release-man-who-says-he-shot-armed-protester   I’m not an expert on this incident, but the protestor carried a loaded rifle (AK-47 variant) and shot a drivers car. The driver used his own handgun to defend his life and the protestor died. I would make the case that the driver was in legitimate fear of his life or great bodily harm and had no choice but to use deadly force to defend himself. IANAL, but we’ve all seen the videos where a crowd drags a motorist from the car and beats them to death.   The left tried to make this… Read more »