The Democrats Are Beginning to Panic. How Sweet It Is!

Back four years ago at this point in the campaign the public face of the Left was confident and dismissive of Donald Trump and his electoral chances.  But what a difference four years makes.  Here we are right after the conventions and already the stink of naked fear is already wafting off of the pundits.

Some of my favorite lines (and I quote these so you won’t have to sully yourself over at the Guardian):

“The good news for Democrats is that Joe Biden is ahead in the polls. The bad news is that Hillary Clinton was also ahead in the polls. Biden’s lead may be sliding in critical states, and some estimates show him underperforming Clinton in the critical state of Wisconsin. Biden’s overall margin over Trump is greater than Clinton’s was at her peak. But FiveThirtyEight reports, troublingly, that “there are also nine states where Biden’s margin over Trump is smaller than Clinton’s was at this point in the campaign,” including “many Rust Belt battleground states”.”

“But the right has a very clear message and they hammer it home with relentless force: the Democrats want lawless anarchy in the streets and destructive socialist economic policy, your children will not be safe. There will be mob rule, riots, looting. Immigrants will pour across the border. Anarchy and mayhem will take hold. The Republicans are the voice of our patriotic heroes, while Democrats want to tear down the Washington Monument, defund the police, and silence your political opinions with their “cancel culture”.”

Well, what do you know, they are paying attention.  So this election is still the election from hell and  don’t be surprised if brownshirts are sent out to assault voters in Republican strongholds.  But it’s still very comforting to know that the Left knows there’s an awakening going on among Americans that the Left is a threat to normal, sane life.  And that can’t be good for their election chances.



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1 year ago

It’s fun watching the media and Dems tell us how Joe has this in wrapped up, then suddenly the riots are “showing up in the polls”. Really? Say it isn’t so Don Lemon!