Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Has Died

I thought she would retire in April but she decided to die in office.

This will be an interesting situation for President Trump and especially some senators.  Susan Collins is supposedly in a tight race in Maine and she is always a potential weak link whenever a Supreme Court seat is in question.  Will the senate wait until after election day?  We’ll know pretty soon how they will play this.  From what I’ve heard Trump will pick a conservative woman to replace her.

Well more drama.  Sure, why not?


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War Pig
War Pig
2 months ago

The left is saying that a replacement should be picked after the election. If this was Obama’s administration, they’d be trying their best to pack a liberal in before election day. What will they say if Trump wins again? Wait until the mid terms? Pack in a hard core, conservative woman of middle age so she’ll have a long time left on the court. Someone as conservative as Jeanne Kirkpatrick was, or as Sara Plain is now. A woman who will twist the left’s panties in a knot as much as Judge Judy would do.A woman willing to vote for… Read more »

War Pig
War Pig
2 months ago
Reply to  photog

You know, there is no mandate in writing that a SCOTUS justice be either a lawyer or a judge. I say put Palin on the bench and watch Rachel Madcow hang herself on national television.

I’d buy that for a dollar.

2 months ago

RBG knew she was dying. She wanted another liberal to take her place and carry the torch forward. Obama and everyone other liberal in govt. begged her to retire so he could put another Sotomeyer in her place.But RBG wanted to be the woman to swear Hillary in as the first female POTUS. After all, that buffoon Trump had no chance of winning the election. Right?
So now she has died and Trump gets to name her replacement. And she had to have known she was going to die before Trump’s first term ended.
Serves her right.

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